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Thursday, February 16

Three Years and Four Kids

Three years ago today I received a phone call that forever changed my life, one that I never thought I would get. My usually not-so-friendly nurse at our doctor's office called and was beyond happy and excited, she told me that I was pregnant: I had been getting negative pregnancy tests for 3 days and had stopped testing.

If you had told me then that three years later we would have four beautiful children I would never have believed you. As it was, you could have knocked me over with a feather that day.

Thank you  Lord for these 4 precious little ones!

Wednesday, June 23

"Broken" tailbone (pregnancy mentioned)

One of the things I had never even thought of and never even heard of was women who had "broken" their tailbone during labor. I am one of those women. Seven months later it still hurts....bad.

Knowing that we're going to be cycling again soon, and that (hopefully) I could be having another baby next June kind of scares me in regards to pain. I've been looking into it and I think I figured out how it broke and what needs to happen the next time around so that it doesn't happen again.

My labor was fast: I went from 4cms to pushing in 2 hours, I only had contractions for 8 hours. I was lying on my back and pushing...typical position. My guess that everything was so hard and fast that the tailbone didn't have time to stretch or do whatever it's supposed to and it had to get out of the way somehow.

The solution for next time: I cannot, CANNOT labor lying down on my back. Hopefully my tailbone will have healed before next time. Pretty much the doctor has to be told that I can't labor on my back and if they're not ok with that then we're going to another doctor/midwife.

Tuesday, February 16

One year ago today....

I got up at 5:30, so that I could drive the 45 minutes to the hospital to have my blood drawn for our 3rd cycle's beta. I didn't bother testing that morning, because the test I had taken on Feb 14 was a resounding "Not Pregnant", and the one I had taken on the 13th was an evap line, and I didn't test on the 15th. I just couldn't stand to look at another BFN.

I got to work, went about my day...called the home to check our voicemail and there was a message I listened to the first half of it (I hadn't even left my desk to listen to it), but someone came in my office so I hung up. I went down to the conference room and listened to the whole was the typical "Business as usual" voicemail. "This is Greta calling from CNY in regards to your blood work from this morning (in her usual dour voice): Congratulations you're pregnant. Give us a call and we'll set up your first ultrasound". WHAT?! I had to listen to it a couple more times, because I so did NOT believe what she had said.

I remember going to the bathroom and looking at myself in the mirror and thinking "HOLY F*CK! I'm PREGNANT! NO WAY!" I immediately walked out of the bathroom and back into the conference room to call the RE's office and the IF med company. I had just gotten off the phone with all but the RE's office an hour early placing orders for our next cycle: I felt like the biggest fool, "Hi....I just placed an order an hour ago. I'd like to cancel it. Yea, I'm pregnant".

I have to say, while 2009 started out pretty ended up being the best year of my life. Was it perfect? Nope, but I got pregnant and became a mom.

Avelyn, I can't tell you how much mommy and daddy love you: How beyond surprised and ecstatic we were when the doctor called and told us we were finally pregnant: There are no words. You were worth all the tears, all the pain, all the waiting and worries and surgeries. We can't imagine our life without you!

Tuesday, December 15

6 Weeks Post Partum Checkup

Nothing at all exciting: My tears are healed and all looks good. I've been cleared to resume "normal activities", which have been resumed for quite sometime now. I don't think I ever stopped doing "normal" for me, even se.x was resumed at 4 weeks pp.

That was something I was stressing about, but hadn't given much thought to...then it just happened. I think that was the key...that I didn't sit there obsessing and completely concerned about whether it would hurt or not or what to do or not do.

I think I'm pretty much done with the pumping. I'm only getting a 1/2oz a session, so an 1-1.5 oz a day. I'm trying not to think about it too much, because when I do I start to feel really bad and guilty about better not to.

Part of me is pissed at myself for not trying harder, another part feels bad because I can't/don't dedicate the time I should to pumping, and another part that tells me to cut myself some slack...that if A was adopted she'd be getting only formula and that there are other moms out there who never breastfed. And there's NOTHING WRONG with formula (other than the cost).

Of course there was an inevitable part of the conversation that I was hoping to avoid (since I've mentioned enough times it isn't an issue): Post partum birth control. Not necessary. The one nurse asked me if I'd had a tubal...umm no, read my file.

Not that we haven't started thinking about #2, we have, but given our issues I don't think we have to worry. And, if by the grace of God I were to get knocked up right now I would certainly not complain.

That's right, we've already started "negotiations" about #2. If things are going well come the end of the summer (with the store and everything else) then we'll be TTC #2 in August/September. We've always wanted the kids closer in age (ex. when A is 6, the 2nd is 4-5, the 3rd is 1-2 and the 4th on the way...or however the chips fall with adopting).

However, I'm having issues with even considering #2 and only because of IF. I feel like how dare I even consider #2 when there are so many of my friends who are still struggling for #1. I hate infertility.

Friday, November 6

Tales from the L&D room...

So there were some "funny" things I forgot to mention about my L&D. Here they are:

*In the middle of getting ready to push they brought in a mirror so I could see...the first thing I noticed and commented on was the bruise on the back of my leg (I had walked into the coffee table).

*I didn't swear the entire time I was in labor...I said "hell" in "I want to push like HELL!" (Meaning: get that gosh darn doctor in here now! They still hadn't arrived and I was basically told I couldn't push until they arrived).

*During my last two contractions I was quoting bible verses to get through the of my favorite verses Phil 4:13 "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me!"

* At one point I was begging God to get her out of me...that was just before the bible quoting.

*The most painful part of my delivery was the doctor running her finger along the edge of my hoohaa to help stretch me so that she could be born.

*If the placenta had come out how it should have (through regular contractions) I never would have experienced the MOST painful part...the doctor physically peeling it from my insides, but I did avoid ending up in the OR (which was where I was going if they couldn't get it out).

*Placentas are pretty cool looking things: The dr showed us what mine looked like and explained all the pieces we were was pretty awesome (and looked a lot like a 3lb london broil).

*Everyone was in the room with us the entire time (MIL, SIL, my parents and my sister)...the only time they left the room was for the 30 minutes of pushing...then they were back in. I honestly can say I didn't even pay attention to them. I was just focused on breathing.

*I have a hard time remembering too much from L&D, I was so focused internally on the contractions and breathing through them...that I honestly felt like I was in a dream world and half-asleep the whole time.

*Matt has dubbed me "The Baby Making Queen": He has informed that since he isn't "built" for making babies, it's ironic that I am so "perfectly" built for carrying and birthing them with such "ease" and we should have lots of babies. Of course, I'm a bit nervous....I think I got off pretty easy this time and don't want to tempt fate the next time around.

*I'm still kind of in awe that I manage to have gotten through labor with no meds (not even a tylenol!) and that the most intense part of my labor (REAL labor) only lasted a couple of hours...I am so, SO grateful for that. I never even had time to really think about the whole thing.

*After delivery and them sewing me up I just kept looking from A to Matt and saying: We have a baby....We have a baby...4 years ago we decided to have a baby...and we have a baby (while sobbing).
I think that's all the random thoughts that have been floating through my brain the past few days :-)

"May strong arms hold you, caring hearts tend you and may love await you at every step… " ...An Irish Blessing

First off, we really would like to thank everyone for all of the well-wishes and congratulations we received, as well as all of the beautiful flowers and cards and gifts! It's so wonderful to know that there are so many people who love and care for us and our daughter :-) Thank you!

We've been getting along all right. Last night was a good sleep night...we managed to get a couple of longer stretches, which was very nice.

Yesterday we had Avelyn's first pediatric appointment...all is looking good and Avelyn is doing well: She was holding at her discharge weight, 7lbs 11oz. The doctor was quite pleased with how she was. They checked her legs, hips, tummy etc and all was good: YAY!

We did ask him about her not having a bowel movement since we had left the hospital (48hrs prior) and he suggested we try a 1/2 oz of prune juice with formula...oh boy did that work lol We go back in another couple of weeks for another check up.

We also had a first today, for mommy and daddy, BATH TIME! Of course they bathed her at the hospital, but we didn't have much to do with that, so this was the first time we were doing it ourselves.

She survived (albeit with a bit of hollerin') and we survived!

Breastfeeding is ehh: I definitely am not producing enough for her. I started using the pump that my MIL bought...I seem to be only getting about 1.5 oz and that's only after several hours of not pumping/feeding (we're increasing the frequency) and with the setting on high; so we're supplementing what I can get. This girl is a hungry baby! We had quite a bit of fussiness today, but then we started putting the whole thing together with the breastfeeding.

It takes me about 45 minutes on a side to get the 1.5 oz of milk...I'd be frustrated too if I was hungry and it was taking that long and that much work for me to eat. It honestly doesn't matter to me how she gets priority is to give her as much as the good stuff as I can, but if I need help to keep her fed ok. In the mean time I'll keep pumping and doing what I can.

The other issue I am seeming to have with breastfeeding is something called Raynaud's Phenomenon. It's when the nipples contract and blanch after feeding...the blood supply is essentially getting cut off to the nipple. They don't know what causes it, but it's believed to be related to nerve damage in the nipple...which for me would make some sense. It hurts though when it happens....imagine going outside in the freezing cold, topless, and pouring water on your nipples...yea.

I'm feeling ok. My butt hurts from sitting so much (lengthy feeding sessions). My tear is doing all right and the "bleeding" is definitely down to my usual periods (which are pretty light). My tummy is pretty funny looking...a bit deflated, definitely some stretchmarks, and very smushy. Matt says I should get a tattoo of tiger paws on both sides of my tummy, because my stretch marks look like I was clawed.

I got on the scale this morning and since I last weighed myself (last week - while pregnant) I've lost 20lbs. I'm back down to what I was while pregnant and had lost some weight from the MS (173 or so). I'm hoping, once I can exercise, to at least lose another 10 lbs...that would get me down to what I weighed in college...more than I really should, but I'd be happy with that.

Sleep is ok. Avelyn is quite content to sleep (*knock on wood*) at night....I think last night I got about 6 or so hours on and off...I seriously couldn't ask for more than that. I know it could very well still be newborn exhaustion and am definitely expecting sleepless nights, but for right now I'm ecstatic!

Mentally I'm doing all right. The first night home I had a bit of a crying jag before bed...I was scared about sleeping, whether she would be all right (seriously was fearing something would happen and she would be gone in the morning), also the breastfeeding thing was frustrating me.

Last night I had another crying jag, but it was a good one....we were laying in bed and I was trying to feed her before going to sleep and I was looking at her and just burst into tears. Matt asked me if I was ok (he's concerned about PPD - because I do have some depression issues in general - and I've told him I'm concerned about it too). I just told him that these are genuine tears of joy. I've never cried tears of joy in my life (except after delivery)...I just can't believe this is real...we really have a baby and she's such a good baby, she's beautiful, and healthy, and so much more than I could have ever asked for or imagined. I just can't believe that we're so blessed to have her.

The dogs are doing well. I'm actually sitting here with both of them in my lap right now. They're very interested in Avelyn and get very concerned when she starts whining or crying. They immediately come running to Matt or I. Sage will actually sit there and whine until we do something about it. It's kind of cute.

Matt is awesome (as I knew he would be): He's so good with her and completely comfortable with anything. He's definitely a happy daddy and madly in love with his little girl. The smiles he gets on his face when he's around her are priceless.

Yes, we've already discussed the next one. Probably next summer (2010)/fall we're going to get back on the horse and do another round of IUIs. We want the first two fairly close in age (no more than 2 years apart). Of course there's a lot of time and things that can change in the next 10 months.

I honestly can say that we couldn't be more happy for our little girl.

Tuesday, November 3

We're home!

We're finally HOME! We were discharged this morning and home around 11:00am. We're all doing well. The dogs are already very protective and loving of Avelyn!

Now here are the details of the "Great Event":

Friday I had the NST/BPP and all looked good; I was to call my doctor on Monday about scheduling an induction for this week.

Saturday we got up and went to the store; I was there until about 2pm (6 hours). My back was bothering me a bit and I felt a bit achy/crampy. I went home baked some brownies, cooked dinner...Matt got home around 8 and we ate dinner and watched a movie.

I had started having some mild contractions around 6:30-7:00pm, but didn't think too much of them (I'd had the same thing the morning before and it had stopped after a couple of hours). Slowly they were getting closer together. Finally we decided to just go to bed (around 12), but that lasted for all of 15 was not too comfy to be laying down. Every time I had a contraction I felt like I had to pee, so I kept getting up to go to the bathroom. At one point I thought to myself, "I wonder if my water will ever break", and then I felt a "POP". I expected to get out of bed and be gushing everywhere, but it was just barely a trickle. I called the hospital and said to them what had been happening and they said to come in.

We got to the hospital around 1:00am (my parents and sister, and Matt's mom and sister arrived a few minutes later). I was doing all right....but felt a lot of discomfort in my back.

Around 2:30am I was kneeling on a pillow, just breathing through the contractions and ignoring everyone in the room. Around 2:45am I started feeling really strong urges to push....but fought against them (the Dr wasn't here and there were 2 other labors in progress). Finally the Dr arrived and they let me start pushing.

I pushed for about 4-5 contractions and she was born. I had some slight tearing (needed a few stitches). The placenta was stuck and the dr had to literally reach in me and pull all of it out: I think that and being stitched without being really numbed hurt more than anything. Even the contractions weren't that painful...more of a burning.

I did however, during pushing, tell DH we're adopting the rest or he could give birth next. I didn't have any meds (pain included) and DH was an awesome coach (he was perfect). So while the doctor was fixing me up Matt went with Avelyn to get weighed and introduce her to the rest of our family. It all went really fast: I asked to use the Jacuzzi when we got there and never even got the chance :-(

Around 4:30am everyone went home and we were left alone for a bit...Matt and I tried to get some sleep.

All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better, easier experience...and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful or more perfect daughter...she is well worth all of the struggles and frustrations of the past 3 years.

Now for your viewing pleasure :-) PICTURES!!!!!

The slideshow isn't really in order and we still have to get the pictures off the other 6 cameras that were there.

Avelyn Margaret
November 1, 2009
8lbs 5oz 21" long

Sunday, November 1

My Pregnancy with Avelyn

  • 11/1/09 ~ Avelyn Margaret was born at 2:37am (3:37 am w/o time change)
  • 10/31/09 ~ Contrax started around 6:30 pm (worked 6 hours in the store that morning)....left for hospital at 12:30am.
  • 10/30/09 ~ NST and BPP were completely OK: Coall Drn G on Monday.
  • 10/26/09 ~ 3cm and very soft and stretchy. See here for rest of info.
  • 10/19/09 ~ No change...still waiting
  • 10/13/09 ~ BP 120/80, 2cm dialated, 50% effaced....Dr G said I just might see her before my next appt.
  • 10/10/09 ~ Childbirth Class....snore....
  • 10/8/09 ~ OB Appt...all good. BP is 112/68 and I am negative for the Group B Strep (so no IV antibiotics for me!)
  • 9/29/09 ~ OB Appt...all good. About a fingertip dialated.
  • 9/15/09 ~ OB appt...all is good.
  • 9/1/09 ~ OB appt....All still good: Baby is head down :-)
  • 8/17/09 ~ OB Appt...all looks/feels good.
  • 7/27/09 ~ 1:00pm Glucose Tolerance Test - I passed (127), but I have low iron (borderline).
  • 7/8/09 ~ U/S re-do at Albany Med at 9am - It's definitely a girl and everything looks absolutely perfect with her.
  • 7/1/09 ~ OB Appt: We think it's a girl! I'm doing well and am told to gain no more than .5-1# per week for the remainder of pregnancy. My BP was 118/60, the Alien's HR was just under 150.
  • 6/6/09 ~ Half-Way There: 20 Weeks
  • 6/5/09 ~ OB Appt - All is good
  • 5/14/09 ~ "BIG" u/s - Didn't find out ANYTHING!
  • 5/11/09 ~ OB Appt.
  • 4/7/09 ~ First OB appt with Dr G - All is well: Alien's HR was 169, measuring at 4.5cm average, uterus measuring 12 weeks.
  • 3/18/09 ~ First OB appt.
  • 3/12/09 ~ 2nd Ultrasound - Heard heartbeat (128bpm): Released to OB
  • 3/2/09 ~ 1st Ultrasound at 2:30 - Saw heartbeat
  • 2/18/09 ~ Beta #2 - 179
  • 2/16/09 ~ Get the call that I'm pregnant. Beta is 64.

Friday, October 30

Home again, home again jiggidy jog....

All is well. NST went well: She's responding correctly and having no issues with distress. They also did a BPP (u/s) and all looks good there too. I'm to call Dr. G on Monday to discuss what our course of action is, providing I haven't gone in to labor by then (which would be nice).

I'll probably write a longer post later, but just wanted to keep you guys updated :-)

3 hours of contrax this morning, now nothing...

I woke up at 2 with really strong contrax (like they hurt a bit), they were 15 minutes apart, then 7 minutes. I didn't wake Matt up, because he had to be up anyways at 4 to go to work (of course he's in northern PA today, 2 hours away from the hospital)... after he left I went back to bed and drifted off around 5, and slept until 8:30. Absolutely nothing from 5-8...I'm glad I didn't get all excited and say "let's go to the hospital!"

I have my NST in 2 hours and I'll mention it to the dr then. My dr. is great and she won't induce unless I say so...she'd probably let me go until November 9 (which would be 2 weeks past due) as long as baby is ok and I'm ok. I'm sure they're going to measure contractions today and maybe I am having good, regular contrax, but I just don't notice them very much.

If the NST and amniotic levels don't look good today, they'll induce today or tomorrow, if it looks fine and we want to go ahead, we would induce next mid-week or just wait. At this point, if they ask me today "Do you want to have this baby today?" I'm asking what their method of induction will be, and may consider telling them yes.

I have to think my cervix is a good 4 (possibly 5) cms (it was a good 3cm on Monday). I honestly don't know what to do: Part of me is of the school "if she's not ready yet, she's not ready. No need to force it" and part of me is like I really want her to be born, just because I want her here with us.

Just last night I was asking Matt if he was ok with waiting until next Thursday to induce her and he was, now I'm half hoping they say all is good, but do you want her to be born today? I don't know. If I just knew a date I'd be ok with waiting. I've never been a patient individual.

(disclaimer: I don't think the contrax had anything to do with the little bit of castor oil and OJ I drank at 3:30 yesterday afternoon. It had very little effect on anything.)

Thursday, October 29

......... and so we wait

Nothing happening here: I just got home from working in the store (6 hours). Yesterday I worked on my leaf blocks and got about 10 of those done....only 46 more to go and then all of the strips to surround each leaf. There's really not much to report...I'm sure no one wants to hear about my loading and running and unloading the dishwasher, doing laundry, taking a nap etc etc. It's been real excitin'!

My mother and I decided that I would try castor oil this afternoon. It worked for her with my sister and honestly the worst it can do is make me go to the bathroom (neither of us have diarrhea issues, we have the opposite problem). I mixed myself a small glass of OJ with a tablespoon of castor oil; it seriously wasn't that bad...I've taken far more disgusting things (how about grapeseed oil extract, goldenseal extract, or acephatita[sp?]...those things are nasty!).

I figure I'd give it a shot! Matt has told me he doesn't want to work the route tomorrow and would much rather spend the night in the hospital with this baby being born. Of course if nothing happens, he's going on the route and I'm going for my NST at 11am. If working on my feet for 6 hours, castor oil, and bouncing on my yoga ball don't start labor, then she's just not ready.

Don't worry....I will NOT walk out of this house without posting on here, facebook, and thebump. I will not leave you all hanging. If there's no posts, there's no labor :-)

Monday, October 26

Update on me: She'll be here next Tuesday at the latest.

Had my last OB appt this morning. I'm a solid 3cm and am very soft and stretchy. Doctor said she could induce me 10/28 if I wanted, but I'd rather not be induced.

I go on Friday for an NST and pending those results they'll check my amniotic fluids...and if I need to have this baby NOW after that appt, they'll induce me Fri/Sat.

Otherwise, we're waiting until 11/3 and will induce me then. I'm just praying she shows up before this Friday. I'd really rather not be induced....I'm more afraid of that than actual labor. Something about the pitocin makes me really nervous, especially consider it immediately ups the chance of a c-section (which I REALLY don't want!).

Sunday, October 25

40 weeks 1 day (1 day overdue)

How far along: 40 Weeks 1 day
Total weight gain/loss: I think it's around 11-13 lbs, I've been holding steady where I am.
Maternity clothes: Now that I'm home from work...some of my sun dresses with a sweater over them, capris (non maternity) and some maternity Ts: I'm a regular fashion maven!
Stretch marks: How could there not be at this point?!
Sleep: Waking up at 1am, 4am, and 7am to pee: My biggest sleep complaint is the numb hands.
Best moment this week: Last day of work!
Movement: Still squirming about.
Food cravings: Ice cold water
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: I'm seriously having issues with this: I have some tightening of my belly, sharp crampy feelings, and some discomfort, but I have no idea if any of it is actually a contrax or means anything at all. I have a really high pain tolerance, so now I'm worried that I could be having contrax and not even really know it. I'm still getting globs of my MP. I find out tomorrow if I'm any further along.
Belly button in or out: It's out by the evening...or at least partially out.
What I miss: People not being interested in the current status of my uterus and cervix.
I am looking forward to: THIS BABY SHOWING UP! (as I said before, I'm not uncomfortable, I just know how much Matt wants to see her)
Weekly wisdom: We really have no idea what we're doing lol
Milestones: I guess being 40 weeks is a milestone.

There's seriously nothing much going on. I keep hoping my water is going to break so that we know SOMETHING is going on. We keep working on different inducing methods, but we know none of them will work unless my body's ready. I have been sitting on my yoga ball and bouncing...trying to get her more down (she's pretty down).

This morning Matt pulled the Moby out of the packaging and played with that for an hour, with a stuffed pig as the baby. He really likes the moby. I think it's also going to be the solution for our going to church issue. It looks really complex to put on (but isn't) and we're hoping if he wears her at church no one will demand to hold her or be touching her. We'll see if it works.

We also played with our Boppy sling, which is what I's a lot easier to get on than the Moby, especially by yourself. I think Matt's build is just too big for the sling...he said he feels very choked in it.

Of course after pulling both those things out we decided they should probably be washed, and might as well wash the carseat cover* at the same time (*I talked to the state trooper who did our carseat inspection and he recommended that we wash it, since it's been sitting in a box with plastic for over a year [it is brand new, but the manufactured date was 10/2008]. I asked him about the flame retardant factor, and he said that it won't wash out in one washing: So in the tub and on the line it went).

On the scientific side of things: I keep thinking about how arbitrary a due date is. We know the exact date of conception and it still means nothing. I asked Matt if he thought since it took a while (16dpiui) to get a positive HPT, that she was a late implanter and that could be it. I honestly find the whole thing fascinating. If I were to go back to school it would probably for something to do with infertility or a midwife. I just find the whole thing extremely interesting.

My mom called last night at 9:30pm to inform me that my sister is sick (of course she was over here for a few hours in the afternoon, but I was doing things and she was on the couch). So sister has a 102* fever, chills, and is achy (sounds like the flu...yay!). Fortunately I don't think I'm going to get it, but I did tell my mom that they need to make sure the rest of them don't catch it otherwise they're quarantined and not allowed in the hospital or here to visit, should the baby be born. She gave me this very sad sounding "I know". Poor Oma!

Tomorrow morning I have another Dr appt and I have two thoughts on that: 1) I'll get in there and nothing will have changed (BOO! HISS!) or 2) I'll be 4-5cms and they want to admit me immediately (Matt's not going to the appt). I think I'm more worried about #1.

I'm really hoping it's soon. I wasn't overly excited/anxious (as you can tell from my other post), but I was just looking at pictures of birth announcements, Christmas cards, and newborn photos and now I'm excited and want her here NOW! I can honestly say, right now I am completely excited to meet her!

Also, since it's nice out, Matt and I went out with the camera and did some more pictures, this time of the 2 of us....the ones my mom did weren't very here they are :-)

Here's the rest of the ones we took :-)

Saturday, October 24

I'm due today....

I will admit, I'm scared. I'm not scared about labor and delivery, or the pain, I'm scared about meeting our daughter. I know that sounds stupid. I'm scared of what she's going to look like, whether there is going to be something physically/mentally wrong with her. I know that sounds shallow, but I am. Part of me wishes she would get here so I could know whether everything is all right with her or not.

That said, Matt and I have had a couple of long talks with her about her arrival. He's still holding out for tomorrow. The talk we had was thus: It would be very nice if she arrived later today or early tomorrow morning. MIL is leaving for NH to go to BIL and PP's tomorrow, regardless of my current status with having this baby. It would be nice if MIL could delay going until the evening and get to see her granddaughter first.

The other thing (I think) is that Matt is really getting antsy to see her. I've had a consistent relationship with her for the past several months (kicks etc), he hasn't and I think he really just wants to meet his daughter.

Obviously, regardless of anything we do/pray/ask, she's going to show up when she's good and ready.

Thursday, October 22

39 Weeks 5 days

Nothing goin' here, but I did realize that I haven't written much lately about how I'm doing and how things are going . Yea, I answer all those questions in the weekly update thingy-bobber, but they don't really ask the "big" questions.

Yesterday was my first day as a "stay at home wife/mom" ...I can see how this could get very old, very quick (at least without the baby). I raked part of the front lawn (finished that today), baked cookies, and did some stuff around the house. I can't honestly say I spent the whole day feverishly cleaning the house...I didn't. I can say that I did take a 20 minute nap on the couch in the morning.

Today I got up and went to O-town for my massage and to pick up my disability/FMLA forms from the doctor and a couple of things at Wal.mart. Came home after that I went out to rake again for a bit, came in chilled out on line for a 1/2 hour, then back out to finish the lawn. The neighbor's kid asked me if I wanted him to finish blowing the leaves to the he did. Now I'm back in the house and working on a picture frame for Matt (pictures to follow).

Matt has called me "pumpkin" for a really long time, and now with our having a baby in the fall he refers to her as "little pumpkin"...I jokingly told him he's going to have quite the pumpkin patch . I bought a cheap black frame and those mini wood craft letters. Painted the letters red/orange and glued them to a frame...and voila! Really easy!

Now on to how I'm doing: I'm doing all right. I honestly can't complain. If I would, my biggest complaint would be my hand/wrist and lower back. Every night I wake up with my right hand numb...I change positions and it get's better, I fall asleep and it goes numb again. It happens throughout the day too and sometimes I have a hard time grabbing things. I'm not too worried: I've had wrist problems before and I just figure pregnancy is compounding it.

My lower back has only started in the past few days and it only starts hurting after I've been standing or doing things (raking or baking) for a while. I stop, lay down for 30 minutes and it's better. My hips are the same...more to do with what I'm doing than anything else.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get into the chiropractor and have him adjust my back...try help this delivery along as much as possible. My massage therapist did work on my ankles (supposedly one of those induction points), nothing yet. I'm honestly not looking for this pregnancy to end...I just don't want her to be born on Halloween or in November.

Matt is convinced that she's going to be born on Sunday, the 25th. Only because we started dating the 25th of March and were married the 25th of November, so to him, it should only stand to reason that she be born on the 25th. Sounds good to me :-) I just hope she doesn't show up 2 weeks late and I'm sitting around the house, bored, for the next two weeks. If that's the case I'm going to have to start working on a quilt or something.

I've been having some cramping and tightening of my whole belly, but nothing that has a pattern to it or is time-able. I half wonder if I'm actually going to go into labor or not...only time will tell.

Tuesday, October 20

No news on me: Still holding steady...

I was 2cm and 50% last Thursday, I was the same at yesterday's nothing new to report in the l&d department. I could go anytime or it could be a week or 2 still. Dr G did say that she (the baby) seems quite happy in there.

Of course, I just keep thinking there are 11 days until Halloween (I really want her born before then....I don't want her to have a Halloween birthday and I don't really like November [too blah out]). For myself, I don't mind how much longer she stays in there, except for the Halloween/November thing.

Today is my last day of work though :-) WOOHOO

Sunday, October 18

39 weeks 1 day

How far along: 39 Weeks 1 day
Total weight gain/loss: I think it's around 11-13 lbs, I've been holding steady where I am.
Maternity clothes: 1 pair of pants and my tees: Everything else is regular clothes.
Stretch marks: There is one that is now even with my belly button: EEK!
Sleep: Waking up about every 2 hours to pee, getting out of the bed is way too much work.
Best moment this week: Finishing more in the nursery.
Movement: Still squirming about.
Food cravings: Ice cold water
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: I do have some tightening in my belly, slight cramping, low back pain on occasion....but who knows. I know I was 2cms and 50% effaced on Thursday.
Belly button in or out: It's out by the evening...or at least partially out.
What I miss: People not being interested in the current status of my uterus and cervix.
I am looking forward to: 2 days of work left.
Weekly wisdom: We really have no idea what we're doing lol
Milestones: I made it through the big sale at the store yesterday without going in to labor (that was everyone's fear). No I didn't work....I was home doing stuff (cleaning).

Tuesday, October 13

A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on. -- Carl Sandburg

Today I had my 38 week OB appt: Blood pressure was 120/80 (higher than the last few times), I'm still a bit iron deficient (but nothing to worry about), I'm now a solid 2cm dialated, and 50% effaced. The doctor seemed to think I could very well go in to labor before my next appt, but there's no guarantee of that.

I'm seriously hoping I don't. We're having a huge sale in the store this weekend and it just would not be at all convenient if I went in to labor. If nothing else, I'm hoping for Sunday, and my temp at work is hoping not before Tuesday. We're all just going to have to wait and see. My last day is the 20th...any time after that is good. Of course, after the OB checked my cervix I'm now losing bits and pieces of my mucus plug. Even that doesn't mean anything, it could still be weeks before I go into labor.

Of course that said, I always prepare for the "worst". I wanted to have the nursery done this past weekend and I've just about succeeded. I finished the bookcase on Friday and Matt and I carried it upstairs on Sunday and since then I've been putting the finishing touches up...I do still have picture frames to hang, but here it is:

Here's the quilt: The lady who does all of my quilting did this as a gift...if you click on the picture you can see just how fancy of a job she did quilting's absolutely gorgeous.

And the room:

Sunday, October 11

38 weeks 1 day

TWO WEEKS! HAHAHAHAHA! That thought just makes me laugh...I'm not really sure why, but it does.

We had our child birth education class: Let me just say "What a waste of time!" We learned nothing, the video was stupid (it had to have been filmed in 1980 - not to mention the chauvinistic opinions of the husbands), and the breathing methods they discussed were a sure-fire way to end up hyperventilating. One good thing is that we found out where we're supposed to go when I go into labor. We really were not impressed.

The other thing the nurse kept saying was how it's good to have meds, that they help you relax, and there's no harm in having them etc etc. (I know this is a controversial topic, but this is our thought process on it). We don't want meds...if I decide I need them then we'll go ahead, but there are just too many side effects on the baby and breast feeding (the whole sleepy baby who isn't interested in breast feeding after delivery thing).

Our families are going bonkers. My mom, Matt and I pretty much figure she's going to be right on time (or there abouts). MIL is absolutely convinced (or really, really hoping) that she's going to come early: There's a motive behind this.

Our niece is about 3 months older than our daughter, PP has been on maternity leave since July and is getting ready to go back to work (part time). Guess what they asked MIL? Could she come up the end of October for a few weeks to help them transition between day care and working.

When I first heard this I was a bit pissed, but then Matt explained that his mom told BIL and PP she would not be coming up until I've had our baby. Now she's desperately hoping that I go early (and constantly telling me that I have to go early), so that she can go up there (with a guilt free conscience) the end of October. Matt really feels that his brother is pushing for their mom to be with them because they want attention (Matt NEVER thinks this way about BIL, it's usually me who does).

PP's mom lives an hour away from them (MIL is 5 hrs) and she's I'm not really sure why she can't help them out. It's wonderful! BIL and PP put MIL in a difficult position, and now she's riding on me about going early (which I have told her "If this kid is anything like me, she's going to do what she wants, and it's going to be the one thing to piss off the most amount of people". She has no response to that yet.

We also had "the talk" with the mothers: We've decided that we're ok with them being in there for most of the labor, but when it comes down to pushing we want it to just be Matt and I. They're both over the moon. We did give them the stipulation that we reserve the right to revoke their presence at any time. They seemed ok with that.

Supposedly work is doing lunch for me on Wednesday: I really hate being in the spotlight. I'm really hoping that there aren't any gifts involved. I seriously do not want will make me feel that much more badly about quiting.

How far along: 38 Weeks 1 day
Total weight gain/loss: Still no idea, I think my scale is stilled whacked, even with the new battery.
Maternity clothes: 1 pair of pants and my tees: Everything else is regular clothes.
Stretch marks: They're growing
Sleep: Waking up about every 2 hours to pee, getting out of the bed is getting interesting.
Best moment this week: Finishing more in the nursery.
Movement: Still squirming about.
Food cravings: Ice cold water
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: No idea.
Belly button in or out: It's starting to poke out at times (full bladder, eating etc)
What I miss: My knuckles not being swollen: I've always kind of had finger issues (during the summer they swell and hurt when it's too hot). I actually have to wait about 30 minutes in the morning before I can get my wedding band on. It's not all the time that the rest of my fingers are swollen, but enough that it hurts.
I am looking forward to: 7 days of work left.
Weekly wisdom: We really have no idea what we're doing lol
Milestones: 38 weeks and still swing dancing! (we had a wedding last night and I still managed to dance a couple of fox trots and a swing in 2" heels: GO ME!)