Sunday, October 25

40 weeks 1 day (1 day overdue)

How far along: 40 Weeks 1 day
Total weight gain/loss: I think it's around 11-13 lbs, I've been holding steady where I am.
Maternity clothes: Now that I'm home from work...some of my sun dresses with a sweater over them, capris (non maternity) and some maternity Ts: I'm a regular fashion maven!
Stretch marks: How could there not be at this point?!
Sleep: Waking up at 1am, 4am, and 7am to pee: My biggest sleep complaint is the numb hands.
Best moment this week: Last day of work!
Movement: Still squirming about.
Food cravings: Ice cold water
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: I'm seriously having issues with this: I have some tightening of my belly, sharp crampy feelings, and some discomfort, but I have no idea if any of it is actually a contrax or means anything at all. I have a really high pain tolerance, so now I'm worried that I could be having contrax and not even really know it. I'm still getting globs of my MP. I find out tomorrow if I'm any further along.
Belly button in or out: It's out by the evening...or at least partially out.
What I miss: People not being interested in the current status of my uterus and cervix.
I am looking forward to: THIS BABY SHOWING UP! (as I said before, I'm not uncomfortable, I just know how much Matt wants to see her)
Weekly wisdom: We really have no idea what we're doing lol
Milestones: I guess being 40 weeks is a milestone.

There's seriously nothing much going on. I keep hoping my water is going to break so that we know SOMETHING is going on. We keep working on different inducing methods, but we know none of them will work unless my body's ready. I have been sitting on my yoga ball and bouncing...trying to get her more down (she's pretty down).

This morning Matt pulled the Moby out of the packaging and played with that for an hour, with a stuffed pig as the baby. He really likes the moby. I think it's also going to be the solution for our going to church issue. It looks really complex to put on (but isn't) and we're hoping if he wears her at church no one will demand to hold her or be touching her. We'll see if it works.

We also played with our Boppy sling, which is what I's a lot easier to get on than the Moby, especially by yourself. I think Matt's build is just too big for the sling...he said he feels very choked in it.

Of course after pulling both those things out we decided they should probably be washed, and might as well wash the carseat cover* at the same time (*I talked to the state trooper who did our carseat inspection and he recommended that we wash it, since it's been sitting in a box with plastic for over a year [it is brand new, but the manufactured date was 10/2008]. I asked him about the flame retardant factor, and he said that it won't wash out in one washing: So in the tub and on the line it went).

On the scientific side of things: I keep thinking about how arbitrary a due date is. We know the exact date of conception and it still means nothing. I asked Matt if he thought since it took a while (16dpiui) to get a positive HPT, that she was a late implanter and that could be it. I honestly find the whole thing fascinating. If I were to go back to school it would probably for something to do with infertility or a midwife. I just find the whole thing extremely interesting.

My mom called last night at 9:30pm to inform me that my sister is sick (of course she was over here for a few hours in the afternoon, but I was doing things and she was on the couch). So sister has a 102* fever, chills, and is achy (sounds like the flu...yay!). Fortunately I don't think I'm going to get it, but I did tell my mom that they need to make sure the rest of them don't catch it otherwise they're quarantined and not allowed in the hospital or here to visit, should the baby be born. She gave me this very sad sounding "I know". Poor Oma!

Tomorrow morning I have another Dr appt and I have two thoughts on that: 1) I'll get in there and nothing will have changed (BOO! HISS!) or 2) I'll be 4-5cms and they want to admit me immediately (Matt's not going to the appt). I think I'm more worried about #1.

I'm really hoping it's soon. I wasn't overly excited/anxious (as you can tell from my other post), but I was just looking at pictures of birth announcements, Christmas cards, and newborn photos and now I'm excited and want her here NOW! I can honestly say, right now I am completely excited to meet her!

Also, since it's nice out, Matt and I went out with the camera and did some more pictures, this time of the 2 of us....the ones my mom did weren't very here they are :-)

Here's the rest of the ones we took :-)


Delenn said...

Really beautiful pictures! I am sure she will show up soon!! Good Luck!!!

Jendeis said...

You look great! Hope she comes really soon!

VA Blondie said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you are really ready for baby to get here. Hopefully she will be here soon!

Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Oh My goodness! YOu look beautiful!! I hope your wait isn't much longer and your delivery goes wonderfully. How exciting!

chicklet said...

You look great, and it sounds like you're doing really well. I feel like you - like there's lots of tightening going on, lots of cramps and discomfort, but cuz I have a high pain threshold, I have no idea what's what. I think they're braxton hicks, but who the f* knows. I have a friend who claims she only had 4 hours total labor, but her doctor said she just must not have known she was having early labor so it seemed rushed at the end... eek! Good luck!

Rotten said...

You have got to be going a little nutty!! I know at 39 weeks I was done. I think it would be great to have a little Halloween baby, but I do not wish 5 more days of pregnant belly on you. I will be crossing my fingers for at least 4 cm! Good luck.

Rotten said...

Oh, and the Moby is probably one of the greatest inventions for a newborn. You will both love it and after a few tries, you will be able to put it on with your eyes closed. I used to wear it in the car so when I got to my destination, I just had to pop her in it and go. Enjoy! And I recommend the Ergo for you AND your hubby when your little one gets bigger. Very comfy and easy to use.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

You look beautiful!

I seriously don't have a high level of pain tolerance and I was pretty scared of how I would react to labor. For me the contractions weren't painful until my water was broken by the doctor after 13 hours of very active labor. When I started having contractions I wasn't really sure if I was in labor or not until I started timing them.

Good luck-the end is very near!!

VikingLady said...

Great pictures =o)
I hope you dont have to wait too much longer!
You know the business about getting up to pee every so often at night?
- thats Gods way of training a mom before the baby gets there to prepare for the feeding frenzy at night!
Thats all it is ;o)

sadie607 said...

I love the pictures they turned out great you look amazing. Good luck at your appointment today.

babyattheend said...

You look great and it sounds like you're doing great, too! She's almost here!!!

Photogrl said...

The pictures are great!

I hope she decides to make her appearance soon!