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Sunday, March 9

One Thousand Gifts #1203-1230

1203. Generosity of family: Both in their homes and love.
1204. Cuddling on the couch with 4 sweet babies.Lenten Dare Graphic WM
1205. How truly we are blessed in having had not one or two, but three healthy and strong preemies.
1206. Kind words from others, telling you, you’re doing a good job with your kids.
1207. All 4 kids excited for stories before going to sleep.
1208. The power of prayer.
1209. That I can call on our Savior to protect me from Satan.
1210. Forgiveness…given and received.
1211. Excess….we have more than we need, and such a blessing that is.
1212. The provisions to not only repair our home, but create a home that fits us better.
1213. Mary & Martha.
1214. The ability to go into the world and share God’s love.
1215. A good Gathering last week.
1216. Cars that run.
1217. That somehow, someway, God always takes what we have and makes it enough…especially with money.
1218. Those glimpses of God throughout the day.
1219. A living room that is constantly wrecked by the creative energies of 4 kids.
1220. The ability to look at it and laugh.
1221. A husband who has my back.
1222. Opportunity. It is in opportunity that we have the chance to grow and learn.
1223. Time to read, even if it is in the middle of the night.
1224. Access 24/7 to so many wonderful words: Through the Bible, blogs, and a  thousand other sources.
1225. A $4 skirt at the consignment shop.
1226. Time with my sister.
1227. Hearing the sweet heartbeat of my nephew.
1228. The quiet of naptime.
1229. Hearing the birds a bit more outside of my window each morning.
1230. Daylight Savings Time: Because the kids sleep past 6am now.

Friday, March 29

Lenten Dare—Link Up #7

Today is the day, the day on which all our thanks and gifts mean nothing without His greatest gift: Death on a cross, 7the most humiliating and painful of deaths. The pouring out of His blood; coving our multitude of sins; redeeming us to Him. No amount of Eucharisteo that we can give will ever be enough for what He did; but we still must give thanks.

While our heads are bowed in shame for our sins, He bows low to us, lifting us out of our own filth and into His glory. It is His touch that drowns us in blood, His blood; giving us life anew, turning us whiter than snow. He takes what we deserve {crucifixion} and gives us what He himself did not receive {grace}.

1192. Wonderful time with a new friend
1193. A husband who in spite of working so very hard is willing to take over and give me time to do what I would like.
1194. Colors…all the colors and all the ways in which God brings them together
1195. Grace in motherhood
1196. The desire to be an event planner/organizer…I’m seeing now how this can be a blessing to those around me
1197. Long afternoon naps…when everyone sleeps {haven’t had it in a while, but boy am I thankful when they do happen}
1198. Words and pictures of encouragement when it comes to fashion
1199. The smiles that my kids manage to put on my face on a grumpy day
1200. For those who are willing to not only embrace truth, but tell it, and share it with the world
1201. Henry’s dancing around the living room
1202. That there will come a day of reckoning and we will once again be returned to Him.

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Friday, March 22

Lenten Dare—Link Up#6

1175. Another good snow {maybe we won’t have a drought this summer}
1176. Kids sleeping a bit better
1177. Time to sew
1178. Finishing sewing projects before Easter
1179. Heritage and family history
1180. IRISH Soda Bread
1181. Coconut Oil
1182. Hot showers….alone.
1183. No matter how small our house is, it’s always big enough for family
1184. Water….my favorite beverage
1185. Playing tag with the kids
1186. The Lord has kept Matthew safe on the route all through the winter
1187. Listening to the kids laugh in their cribs
1188. Clean dogs with nice hair cuts
1189. A groomer who is actually willing to deal with our spastic dogs {they have major anxiety issues about being groomed}
1190. Soap….whether for clean bodies, clean clothes, or clean plates
1191. Getting caught up on the laundry….even if it was only for a few hours

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Friday, March 15

Lenten Dare—Link Up #5

51153. Discovering that homemade gluten free chocolate chip cookies can be good.
1154. Not owing much back, after our taxes were corrected
1155. That Matt is not a “typical” father or husband
1156. Playing in the yard with all 4 kids
1157. Having more spring like weather
1158. Ave’s fascination at the little plants that are starting to poke their way through the frozen ground
1159. Matt playing with our children {he’s so often working, that he doesn’t get to spend much time just playing with the kids, such a joy}
1160. Mud puddle jumping
1161. Cold temperatures again and snowflakes in the air…I’m savoring these last weeks of it being cold and not hot and humid {I do not do hot and humid well}
1162. Hot cups of tea, with just the right amount of honey in them {a la Matthew}
1163. Quick clean ups
DSC_03201164. Watching Henry try to Irish Step Dance….oh my goodness…hysterical
1165. Warm dogs on cold feet
1166. Not having to load wood into the basement every few days in order to heat the house
1167. Fabric and colors, lots of colors
1168. New outfits for Ellie {hand me downs from Avie}
1169.’s great prices on summer play clothes {cheaper than at the consignment shops}
1170. Listening to my Irish music, leading in to St. Patrick’s Day
1171. One on one time with Miss Ellie…even if it was during my Mom to Mom group
1172. TWO solid hours of alone time today…everyone napped at once
1173. Spending time catching up with some of my blog friends, who I hadn’t visited in weeks {Sorry ladies!}
1174. My boys kicking a ball between them and giggling as they chase each other around the living room

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Friday, March 8

Lenten Dare—Link up #4

Link up 41128. Little boy giggles and little girl laughs
1129. That we not only have food in our house, but that it’s good, healthful foods
1130. Farm Fresh Deliveries
1131. The kids going to bed earlier at night as we lead up to Daylight Savings Time
1132. Henry and his “Mamum” shouts
1133. Spending time with Matt last weekend, sans kids
1134. Getting to see one of my favorite Irish musicians on Sunday (Cathie Ryan)
1135. Sneaking in moments to create
1136. The Boys playing chase around the living room
1137. Words to convey my own thoughts to others
1138. Strength to keep my mouth shut, even when I’m ready to be nasty back to people
1139. That I have a husband whom I can vent to, and who can vent to me
1140. Ellie standing on her own
1141. That no one is capable of loving or caring for my children as God has called me to do
1142. Quilts
1143. Patience to enjoy the snuggles even way I am really not in the mood for it {ie. the middle of the night or while trying to get “things” done}
1144. Butter….oh my how life would be less without butter
1145. A husband willing to “learn” how to use the floor-mate and then actually doing the floor
1146. Being inspired by people who can speak His truth and words, from memory
1147. Getting adjusted by the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to, for the first time in almost 2 years
1148. Taking the kids to the park in the fly boat
1149. Being able to fit all of the car seats in a minivan
1150. Unsolicited “I love yous”, “Thank yous”, Hugs and Kisses
1151. Projects completed
1152. Him.

A Lenten Dar with

Friday, March 1

Lenten Dare–Link Up #3

Lenten Dare 31104. A note from a reader on a day in which I particularly needed to be uplifted.
1105. Outpourings from readers {friends} who are struggling with the lonelies too
1106. Being reminded of God's faithfulness through some of the toughest years of my life
1107. Bone crushing hugs from my babies, especially Jamesie's
1108. Avie's reply of "you're welcome", when I thank her for being my daughter
1109. Curling up in bed with Ave and reading story after story together
1110. Lying on the floor with my trio and having them crawl all over me
1111. The excitement on the kids face when daddy gets home
1112. Ellie's sloppy kisses
1113. The awe at God's goodness in giving us these children
1114. Like-minded moms
1115. The moments in which I feel God's hand and presence in my life so strongly
1116. Being "struck to the core in a moment of breathless delight..."
1117. Not just knowing, but feeling that my worth is not determined by those around me (those beyond my husband and kids, but other people) but by God
1118. Nighttime cuddles with my sniffly boy, Henry
1119. That tomorrow is Friday DSC_0604
1120. Feeling and giving grace in a really hard situation regarding our finances
1121. Being blessed and inspired by two incredible sisters (online friends) at their faithfulness in doing God's will, and reaching out to others.
1122. Finding myself praying to The Lord to use scary as that might be
1123. Leftovers for an easy dinner
1124. That I wasn't coming down with some nasty bug, but getting my period...blah
1125. The possibility of a friendship {of which I realized that I don’t even know how to begin a friendship…but there is always His Grace}
1126. That god has made me who I am, that he lays different people on my heart, that I desire to reach out to others, even if I'm not always able to or received by them. That even then there is His grace for my faults and failures in doing so.
1127. Reading a couple of fiction books for fun!

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Friday, February 22

A Lenten Dare–Link Up #2

Lenten Dare 21088. Avelyn saying “I love my mommy and daddy, and you guys too” to her siblings.
1089. Tax return…mama’s getting a new stroller!
1090. Cold snowy nights, and not having to drive home in the middle of them, like before we were married.
1091. Massages
1092. Dollar stores
1093. Strength to credit God for my life amidst those who question His existence
1094. Healthy preemies
1095. Submitting my desires to Matt's financial prudence, no new computer but we’re putting a good chunk aside for the new addition.
1096. God helping me to make peace with that^^^ and I know it’s the best plan.
1097. Roasted cauliflower …yummm
1098. Grandparents who watch kids
1099. Grocery shopping alone
1100. DIY projects...the knowledge to do these things and save money
1101. Matt's willingness to love me (possible new business venture for me, allowing me to spend a little something on myself.
1102. That even when I worry about what others think of me I remember that I only need to worry about what GOD thinks of me.
1103. A young girl choosing life for her baby and the community that reaches out to support her, being able to be a part of that.

Join me?

A Lenten Dar with

Friday, February 15

A Lenten Dare–Link Up #1

I’m so excited to have you here this week: Sharing all the ways in which God has shown you His grace in your every day life! Click HERE if you would like to find out a little more about what I’m doing during this season of Lent. If you would like to link up with me, the form is at the bottom of this post, as well as a graphic, if you want to include that on your own blog.

1065. Ave saying “We need a family hug”
1066. Whiskey…that’s right….whiskey
1067. Catching Ellie quietly sitting and reading a book
1068. Kids playing together nicely
1069. Handsome husband going to work, day after day, tirelessly providing for us
1070. Avelyn sharing an apple and cheese without being asked
DSC_01711071. Unexpected sunshine streaming in while I wash dishes
1072. Apples, in all their “Sweet and crunchy” glory
1073. Seeing Ellie in my first Christmas dress
1074. Bursts of colors amidst the gloom and grey of winter
1075. Stolen moments hanging out diapers…feeling the sun on my back and the cold breeze in my face
1076. Gumption and grace to clean the bathroom, knowing it will be trashed after bath time tonight
1077. Other moms in real life {my Mom to Mom group}
1078. Other MULTIPLE mamas in real life, who not only share the crazy, but our faith
1079. The look of confusion on the mailman’s face when he saw HIS valentine in our mailbox
1080. God diffusing emotions during frustrating conversations and words with others
1081. Jamie's sloppy wet tongue-y kisses
1082. Peace for Henry while he cuts 4 molars at once
1083. Peace for mommy while Henry cuts 4 molars at once
1084. The absolutely awe-inspiring faithfulness of God and his provisions; feeling it once again when paying bills the other night
1085. Knowing that God is big enough for our dreams, that if they are His will we CANNOT fail
1086. Construction estimates coming in less than I thought
1087. The 4 lives He has entrusted into our care {4 years since finding out we were finally pregnant!}
A Lenten Dar with

Wednesday, February 13

Sunday, April 24

One Thousand Gifts #976-1000

976. Time with family we don't see often
977. Knowing that God is with those who are not here
978. I have a God who lowered himself to become human, like me
979. Who was willing to have himself humiliated for our sake
980. "Not my will but your's Abba"
981. Getting everything done in time for company (down to the minute!)
982. The clouds stretching out before the sun, rays piercing every direction
983. Beautiful warm weather, completely different than predicted
984. I got more by taking on something this Lent, than giving something up
985. The blogs and thoughts I've received from others about my/their 1000 gifts
986. Avelyn playing with my cousin Sarah
987. All of us going for a walk in the field, and enjoying the unsuspecting sunshine
988. Waking up on Easter morning to sunshine instead of rain
989. Avelyn dressed in all her beautiful glory
990. "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die." John 11:25-26
991. New clothes for Avelyn (LOTS of new clothes)
992. Family pictures
993. A completely clean house
994. "Why do you seek the living One among the dead?  "He is not here, but He has risen" Luke 24:5-6
995. nature, in ourselves
996. The Lord is faithful
997. I accomplished my goal......1000 things in 40 days
998. My sins have been forgiven, if I only believe
999. The tomb was empty

"For with God all things are possible" Luke 1:37

Friday, April 22

One Thousand Gifts 951-975

951. That I have awesome blog friends who are always there for me with support and great advice (even if I never meet some of them)
Getting all of the birthday and thank you cards I needed to written and mailed on time
953. Having dinner with great friends
954. Wonderful devotional reading for Good Friday
955. That our Lord willingly gave his life our sins
956. Apples to Apples
957. Friends that you don't have to care what your house looks like or what the meal is to have over
958. "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son."  - John 3:16
959. Fish and Chips
960. Rachel's yummy Torte
961. Friends who just love on Avelyn so much
962. Laughing so hard you think you're going to wet your pants
963. Joining hands in prayer
964. New supplies arriving (stay tuned for details :-)
965. Friends who hopefully will be moving in next door *please Lord*
966. A Husband who loves me and totally makes me life
967. That I only have to catch a few words of his conversations to know exactly what he's talking about
968. How quickly the words "thank you" flow from Avelyn's lips...without being prompted
967. That he was humiliated, desecrated, and destroyed by our sin and for our sin
968. Acceptance and love of one and other
969. Friends who help clean up and do dishes after dinner
970. Not feeling guilty because my house isn't perfect or because the said friends do help do dishes (this is huge for me and honestly there are VERY FEW people I allow to help me do cleanup and host)
971. Sitting and enjoying
972. Silence...a few moments of it in a crazy busy day
973. Matt and Ave giggling together over ridiculous things
974. Avelyn: Absolutely every single little thing about her
975. Emotions: How devoid would life be if we didn't feel ANYTHING?

Thursday, April 21

One Thousand Gifts #926-950

926. Not having lost a library book (in spite of their saying I had)
927. Play-date with a friend
928. Ave having fun and playing with another little girl (only 6 weeks younger....closer in age than their mommies' 2 months to the day)
929. Getting up early and getting things accomplished
930. Being reminded how blessed we are to own a grocery store
931. The Last Supper
932. Even Jesus being betrayed was worked for good
934. Having dinner ready to eat and all the prep cleaned up before 1pm
935. Sitting down to enjoy dinner together
936. Communion "For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes. " 1 Corinthians 11:26 937. How good Ave is with her "please" and "thank yous"
938. New books for Avelyn
939. I've been looking at something for weeks and didn't realize until just now it is a gift
940. Getting Matt's matching tie, for Easter, done
941. Sitting on the couch next to Matt, watching a movie, and doing handwork (sewing)
942. Avelyn is surrounded by 6 aunts and uncles who love her, and more than double that in great aunts and uncles
943. Fun packages in the mail
945. Trying new foods and finding I like them
946. How well Ave plays with other kids
947. Having a new recipe come out all right
948. That it was snowing, because at least it didn't stick :-P
949. Bible readings with Ave
950. That our dogs didn't get sick from the chocolate chips Ave fed them while I was cooking dinner

Wednesday, April 20

One Thousand Gifts #901-925

901. A day spent with my mom and Ave
902. Avelyn being so sound a sleep that you could hold her and walk around with her cuddled in your arms
903. The patchwork of greens that is stretching across the countryside
904. Finding a shirt at the consignment shop
905. Pizzeria pizza
906. A neighbor that already has mowed his lawn, releasing the sweet smell of fresh cut grass
907. A gloomy day which turned into a beautiful afternoon
908. Matt and I sitting on the back deck to eat dinner
909. The heady smell of hyacinths filling my house
910. Checking a few more things off of my to-do list
911. The breathtaking colors of an unexpected sunset
912. My mom buying hyacinths for me
913. Good feedback from people
914. Managing to get another room cleaned in the house
915. That I am unafraid of powers tools
916. I'm able to take on construction projects on my own
917. Cute summer clothes at the consignment shop
918. Walking with Avelyn to the neighbors and seeing their bunnies and guinea pigs
919. Ave squeeking back at the guinea pigs
920. Matt being somewhat talkative
921. Going to bed early enough to read for a couple of hours
922. "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands." Psalm 19:1
923. Good friends and neighbors
924. Doing all for the Glory of God
925. Books you can get "lost" in
"For with God all things are possible" Luke 1:37

Tuesday, April 19

One Thousand Gifts #876-900

876. "Cast your anxieties on Him because he cares for you"  1 Peter 5:7
877. My mother in law and sister in law watching Ave for the day so I could clean
878. Having a completely clean upstairs
879. All the windows and curtains on the first floor cleaned and washed
880. Simplifying
881. Boxes of things to donate to Sal's Boutique
882. Having the whole guest room cleaned out and up for company
883. A washer and dryer that have worked all day, without a problem....I would've been a while at the river scrubbing otherwise
884. A tailbone that is sloooowwwwlllyyy getting better
885. A husband who helps clean the house on his "day off"
886. Finding a bunch of stuff while cleaning that belongs in the "gift" box
887. FINALLY figuring out a sewing pattern....we'll see if I can figure it all the way
888. That Ave missed me today while she was with Baba and Auntie Meggers
889. The first of our seeds sprouting
890. Ave asking to go "nigh-nigh"
891. Hand me downs
892. While cleaning finding a bunch of my grandmother's sewing patterns and supplies
893. Remembering how she would teach me to sew
894. That I have a brother and a sister
895. "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." James 1:17
896. A quiet dinner just Matt and I
897. salad
898. The input of others
899. Tums
900. That I seriously have come up with NINE HUNDRED different Gifts that my God has given me!

Monday, April 18

One Thousand Gifts #851-875

851. Muscles stretching from the winter as I work in the garden
852. Feeling the sun warming my back
853. Zumba
854. Cuddling on the couch with Little Miss
855. A semi-productive weekend
856. Freshly washed curtains in the kitchen
857. Clean windows (in the kitchen)
858. Spinach
859. Managing to deal with a hissy-fit and not give in
860. Looking through old pictures of flowers I've taken
861. Toothbrushes
862. Tooth past
863. Floss
864. Dentists
865. New words
866. "Touch"
867. "Toy"
868. "Naugh-ee" (naughty)
869. "A bite"
870. Palm crosses
871. That Matt actually knows how to make palm crosses
872. The seed of an idea...which prayfully turns into something
873. Comfy clothes
874. Microfiber dishtowels (great for cleaning windows)
875. A step in the right direction

Saturday, April 16

One Thousand Gifts #826-850

826. Matthew getting home safely
827. Avelyn and I having a good couple of days while he was gone
828. That Matthew had a good experience at the vestry retreat
829. Great first ultrasound for a friend
830. Family hugs :-)
831. There's always another gift
832. Matt agreeing to build us a closet in our bedroom
833. Making my mom a good way :-P
834. Hearing the wind whipping around outside while comfy in the house
835. Ave sleeping through the night....we'll see if it happens again tonight
836. Andy Griffith show on netflix: yay!
837. The first daffodil blooming in my flower beds
838. Actually seeing colors in my flower beds
839. Getting plants from my mother in laws gardens
840. Having had the whole bed to myself last night
841. Ave's excitement at Daddy getting home (she hadn't seen him since Thursday)
842. There is no limit to how much love we can give
843. That miracles can, and do, happen
844. Ave announcing to all "peepee" or "poopie"
845. Seeing our friends and their little girl, who is getting so big!
846. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
Isaiah 41:10
847. That with Him I can do all things
848. With Him, all things are possible
849. Clearing out and organizing a couple of kitchen cabinets
850. Prospect of a family vacation next year :-)

Friday, April 15

One Thousand Gifts #801-825

801. That God works on us the way water and sand work on blue glass....slowly, patient smoothing our edges
802. Dimpled hands
803. Scraped shins
804. Safe travels for Matt to his retreat
805. That even when we give up, God doesn't
806. My meds ending up being cheaper than originally quoted
807. My mother for being an awesome example of a wife and mother
808. Parents who have set a wonderful model of marriage for us
809. Girls' dinner at my in laws (while the men-folk are at a vestry retreat)
810. "Face time" at dinner between Avelyn and her cousin Clare
811. That Ave will grow up with a cousin so close in age to her
812. "It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all". Laura Ingalls Wilder
813. Our God is an awesome God!
814. Seeing how Ave and C's personalities are developing and growing
815. Oatmeal scotchies...yummmm
816. An adoption that was up in the air last week, looks as though it's going to happen for a friend and her family
817. Finishing my clothespin bag
818. Warm dogs on cold feet
819. Beautiful quilts
820. A wonderful explanation today on FLN about Palm Sunday and the deliberate significances that occurred (Christ arriving on a donkey as opposed as a horse, for example)
821. Yummy, and good for you cookies....Thanks Kate
822. "I would have despaired had I not believed in the goodness of the LORD." Psalm 27:13
823. A daughter who never ceases to amaze me
824. Hope!
825. That there is LOVE in the world....REAL love

Thursday, April 14

One Thousand Gifts #776-800

776. Thinking I'm going to wake up to a  gloomy day, and the sun is shining!
777. Design plans  that worked out....finally....after several hours of attempts
778. How perfect God's paint palette is
779. Pieces of worn blue glass
780. Finding out how to do a batch of photos in photoshop
781. Ave's giggles after she throws rocks in the water
782. That we have such a huge field and river behind our house
783. That we fortunately live high enough up from the river that we don't have to worry about flooding
784. Good naps
785. That even if WE give up, He doesn't
786. Massages a la Matthew
787. Seasonable weather
788. Free things
789. Old can become new
790. Reinvent things...whether it's fabric, furniture, or garbage
791. For a God who works in us, even when we don't realize it
792. That my daughter has a roof over head, clothes on her body, and food in her tummy
793. That everyone I love is safe and provided for, at least physically
794. Snapshots of life....caught on "film"
795. "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28
796. I come from a line of strong women
797. A little girl content to play in her crib a bit longer, letting me finish what I was doing
798. Yoga balls
799. We're all healthy again....I think
800. Muddy own

Wednesday, April 13

One Thousand Gifts #751-775

751. That God specializes in messes
752. Easter outfits planned and organized
753. That we can learn from our mistakes
754. Raindrops clinging to bare branches
755. Actually HEARING the peepers for the first time this spring
756. A little girl asking what happened to her neigh-neigh...complete with sad face (the dog chewed up her wooden puzzle piece of a horse)
757. Come up with new design ideas for our bedroom (gray floors?)
758. A sneak peak at Ave's beautiful Easter outfit
759. "Open the eyes of my heart Lord"
760. Waking up in the night hearing the rain on the tin roof
761. That no matter how many times I falter, I can always get back up
762. The feel of piano keys beneath my fingers
763. The special love of grandmothers
764. That even when my prayers meander, God hears what I mean
765. That even when I fall asleep praying, God hears
766. The sense of smell
767. Being able to smell again
768. Life - Physical and Eternal
769. Redemption
770. Ave running around the store with a bucket on her head (AKA Hat)
771. Reading an Easter Devotional with Avelyn
772. Seeking gifts
773. Finding gifts
774. "So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."  Luke 11:9
775. Safe travel for friends

Tuesday, April 12

One Thousand Gifts #726-750

726. Tomorrow is a new day
727. Nose bleeds that stop relatively quickly (me)
728. The day can always get better
729. Getting all of our veggie seeds planted
730. Sheets on the bed that aren't flannel
731. Saying it was "too hot" last night
732. That my mom gives me her Country Living mags
733. How ice makes a booboo better
734. That I was created to be my husband's helper
735. A little girl now saying "oww! oww!" so you'll kiss her boo-boo
736. Seasonably cooler weather
737. Crispness
739. The world refreshed after rain
740. Buds slowly opening, revealing the green within
741. That I am surrounded by family
742. That I really don't "relish" my alone time but thrive on having my husband and daughter near
743. Hearing my husband laugh in the other room
744. That love is an action word (stole this from another blog)
745. An aloe plant from my mom
746. The know-how to do things
747. The desire to change, for the better
748. Adorable little boys that make me laugh (Josh Flitter as Eddie Lowery in "The Greatest Game Ever Played"
749. The anticipation of Holy Week being upon us soon
750. Daring to dream