Friday, March 22

Lenten Dare—Link Up#6

1175. Another good snow {maybe we won’t have a drought this summer}
1176. Kids sleeping a bit better
1177. Time to sew
1178. Finishing sewing projects before Easter
1179. Heritage and family history
1180. IRISH Soda Bread
1181. Coconut Oil
1182. Hot showers….alone.
1183. No matter how small our house is, it’s always big enough for family
1184. Water….my favorite beverage
1185. Playing tag with the kids
1186. The Lord has kept Matthew safe on the route all through the winter
1187. Listening to the kids laugh in their cribs
1188. Clean dogs with nice hair cuts
1189. A groomer who is actually willing to deal with our spastic dogs {they have major anxiety issues about being groomed}
1190. Soap….whether for clean bodies, clean clothes, or clean plates
1191. Getting caught up on the laundry….even if it was only for a few hours

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