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Monday, October 6

My Favorite Apps

I love Apple. I may have a problem. I’m not sure I care to admit it. We bought our first iPad in May 2011 {as a “necessity” for the potential bedrest with triplets} and I loved it, but then Avelyn was using it for things and the kid apps kind of took over. Then I had this moment in which I really wanted a small camera to take around rather than my honkin’ huge Nikon D90, so I sold my old fashioned iPod Nano and put the money toward a 5th Gen iPod Touch. That was the beginning of the end.

About a year after my iPod, I was a bit tired of carrying around my old crap-tastic flip phone AND the iPod. I sold my iPod and upgraded to the iPhone 5C, and there’s been no looking back since. The whole push for me with iDevices was pictures. I love pictures. I’m visual. I love sharing and seeing pictures. So it stands to reason that my favorite apps have a lot to do with pictures {some of them, not all of them}.

Here we go:

1. Instagram – This one is pretty self explanatory. As I’ve said, I love pictures. There’s just something about being able to micro-blog {which I’ve managed to do better than regular blogging the past few months}, with a few clicks of a camera. AND I get all that eye candy delivered straight to my newsfeed.

2. Wunderlist – This is an My Favorite Apps for My iPhone @LifeintheWhiteHouse.comawesome app. It also has a web-based counterpart that lets me edit and update list from my computer. I use this for tons of things: Christmas and gift ideas, a running list of what I need from what stores, and the best part is…once you check something off it puts it out of sight, but when you need to re-add it to your list, BOOM! it’s there {perfect for grocery shopping}.

3. LookOut – This is a security app. It’s free, it does have a paid counterpart, but the free is awesome. On more than one occasion I’ve had to SCREAM my phone to find it in the house, when I’ve muted the ringer. It allows you to locate your phone, lock it out, delete it, and several other things.

4. Fraction Plus – This is a nerd app. I use it for my quilting. I’m not good at math, never pretended to be, but this app takes the guess work out of figuring fractions {which seem to be an unavoidable part of quilting…and baking…lots of baking too.}

5. Waterlogue – This is just a fun app. It does cost $2.99, but it saves me a lot of money and aggravation. I love watercolors, but I’m not that good at PAINTING watercolors. I used to have a program on my old, old computer that did a beautiful job of converting images to watercolors, but the program was outdated and wouldn’t function on our new computer. I couldn’t find a replacement that didn’t cost more than $100+ or didn’t take 50 steps in photoshop to replicate. This one, I just get it on my phone and BAMM! it’s water-colorized! Just like that leaf up there in my header ;-)

What are some of your favorite apps?

Tuesday, June 3

8 Great Sport Movies for Dad: Just in time for Father’s Day!

I love sports…playing them that is. I really can’t handle sitting watching a game of some sort, especially if it’s on TV. Thankfully Matt is not a big time watcher of sports, but he does like the occasional sport-themed movie; there are definitely some that are more to my liking than others. With Father’s Day right around the corner, I figured I’d share some of our favorites.


I’ve tried to watch baseball, have even been to a semi-pro game, but after the first 30 minutes I’m just bored. Maybe if it was my kids playing it would be different, I don’t know. I do know that I absolutely LOVE playing baseball, but that’s about where my adoration ends. Being that I don’t care for watching Baseball, a movie has to be really intriguing for me to watch it; there needs to be more than just a game in a movie. All of these movies fulfill the requirements for a baseball movie that both me and my husband like.

42—The movie about Jackie Robinson's beginnings in Baseball. Great movie! A bit intense for younger kids, as it does deal quite a bit with the racism that he dealt with. But, all around an incredible movie with a great story!

League of their Own— Yes, I’m aware that this is more of a chick-flick than one for the guys, but is one of my favorite movies. So little is ever discussed about the women’s baseball league in America, and it was a truly incredible time for women. I think this movie does a great job of  showing the highs and lows of that time.

The Babe—Obviously Babe Ruth. I haven’t watched this movie in probably 20 years, but I always remember how much I loved it. I don’t know if it’s just that John Goodman reminds me of my dad {just full of laughter and love} or what, but I so enjoy almost every film I see him in. That and there are so many little details in the movie that I still distinctly remember….extra stripes on his uniform so he looked slimmer.

8 Great Sport Movies for Dad...That even Mom will Like  Great Father's Day Gift Ideas @LifeintheWhiteHouse.comFootball

We grew up in a football town…no doubt about it. While I did go to the occasional football games in high school, it was more because of whomever I was crushing on than because I loved watching the game. I do have to admit, I enjoy watching football slightly more than I do baseball. I can actually watch a game, in person, particularly if I know someone playing {I’d much rather watch a high school game than a professional one}. Now playing football…I love playing football, and yes, I was one of the rougher tacklers {I grew up with boys…sorry}.

Remember the Titans—One of my favorite things from this movie is the music. I absolutely love the old 50s music! Again it is a movie that strongly deals with racism, but it’s such a great story. It is another movie that is a bit too intense for younger kids. I might, might let an 8-10 year old watch it.

We are Marshall—Another good one. The story of a college pulling together after 37 of their team members died in a plane crash, and how the remaining members and the new coach pulled together to save the football program.

The Replacements—This is definitely one for the adults, but it’s really fun. There’s depth to the story, while also providing a hefty dose of humor.


I’ve been wanting to learn golf since high school; the thing is I love taking crazy shots. I’d probably get thrown off any courses that I tried to play. Matt and I keep saying that we’re going to have my father in law take us, but it hasn’t happened yet. The thing about golf movies is that very often, they’re very stuffy, unless it’s Happy Gilmore…which is just plain ridiculousness.

The Greatest Game Ever Played—Hands down one of my most favorite movies! First off I love period movies, the costumes are awesome in this movie, but more incredible is the story of Francis Ouimet. The golf is high tension and you can’t help but love the characters, especially his caddy, Eddie Lowery {who so reminds me of Henry}.

The Legend of Bagger Vance—One of my favorite Will Smith movies, without a doubt. I’ve long liked Will Smith and Matt Damon, but they’re both awesome in this movie, and I love the sub-story line of a little boy and his dad. Again, it’s another period film and another winner in our house!

And for a few bonuses:

Glory Road is a great basketball movie {my family is a basketball family…my brother was, and still is, a fantastic player}. If you’re more into hockey, then check out Mystery, Alaska or Miracle, my personal favorite is The Mighty Ducks.

Of course there are others, but these are some of my husband’s favorites, that I also happen to love. The best thing about almost all of these movies is that you can pick them up for $10 or less on, so they make a great Father’s Day Gift.

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Tuesday, December 31

Blog Posts of 2013–The Best of

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013 - The Best of

I thought it would be fun to finish the year with a Top 10 listing of my most popular and favorite posts!

 Gwynnie Bee—“The Netflix of Plus Size Fashion”

A while back I saw an ad on Facebook about plus size fashion. I clicked over, which I never do in Facebook, because Lord knows if it’s a virus or whatever else on there, and was pleasantly surprised. Gwynnie Bee is pretty fantastic. Isigned up for a free month trial, just around my sister in law’s wedding, so that if I needed some nicer clothes I had the option to get some things from Gwynnie Bee.
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Reverse Hospitality: Bringing the Blessings to Them

I’ve stolen this phrase from a friend, because I love it! I love welcoming people into my home. I’ve somehow managed to get over the fact that my house needs to be perfect to entertain {this has only been by God’s grace and 4 kids}. I have yet to decided whether this is a good thing or not; I fear I may have become too lax in this department now.
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The Dry-Skin Dilemma

As much as I love winter, my skin doesn’t. Between the cold weather, washing my hands 50 times a day, and hot forced air heating…my skin gets dry. Fortunately not dry and cracked, but dry and very itchy, to the point of being painful.
I used to use Bath and Body Works Shea Butter, it comes in a big blue tube and would cost around $20 {I’m sure it’s more now}. The stuff worked great, but it’s expensive and had a bunch of other things in it that I wasn’t too comfortable with using on the kids.
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W.I.P Wednesday – Heartland BOM Quilt

The past few weeks {here and here} I’ve been posting about the Heartland Heritage Block of the Month kit that I got from, eons ago {seriously I think I got it at least 5 years ago…I know it was before I was pregnant with Ave}. Well, today I am pleased to say that I have finished the top: YAY!!!!
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What 17 Days without Hot Water Will Teach You….about yourself.

It’s been a week now, that we’ve had hot water again. I’m going to admit it, I’m guilt of thoroughly enjoying having running hot water. No more lugging a 7 gallon pot around the house to bath 4 kids at once. No more sponge baths over the shallow sink because I just didn’t feel like loading everyone up to drive somewhere to shower. No more scalding my hands while trying to wash dishes in a bowl.
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From Busy to Blessing– An Introduction

“I don’t know how you find the time?!”
“I wish I had skills like that!”
“I could never be that organized.”

Ever heard these things? I have. And I don’t deserve such praise. See, I’m not all that organized and I really don’t find the time. I’m rather lazy when it comes to serving others, particularly when they’re in my own family.

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Embracing Beauty When You’re a Plus Size Gal

I’m going to tell you a story, about 2 little girls…

Once upon a time there were two little girls, more a like than they realized. One was dressed in long denim skirts, with long sleeve tops, her hair pulled back in a braid; the other was dressed in Adidas tear-away pants, a Korn t-shirt, pumas and a pony tail. What on earth could these two girls, approaching adulthood have in common. Neither of them were dressing for themselves, and neither of them had a clue of what that look should be.
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Giving Loneliness a Name {part 1}

I mentioned during my review of Desperate, that I’ve been struggling with something. I’m not even sure how to explain what it is, but I guess the best word for it is loneliness. I’ve struggled with even writing this post for some time, because it isn’t any thing that someone has said or done that has made me feel lonely and I certainly don’t want someone to take this personally.
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Mamas its OK…

Maybe you’ve spent years and thousands to have that little one your holding, maybe you just wanted to be a mom and it happened, maybe you weren’t planning on being a mom, but it happened anyways. No matter, I want to tell you something…it’s ok to get tired of it sometimes. To get tired of the demands, the discipline, the whining, the not being able to just do “whatever” for dinner. It’s ok.
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Thoughts on Creativity

Over the last few years, and more this past year, a handful of people have told me that my children should be my priority, that this is not the season for me to spend frivolous time on my writing {and blogging}, sewing, photography or reading {for fun} or any other non-necessary creative endeavor. That I somehow am doing wrong by my children, if I continue to pursue these avenues.
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I hope you enjoy this trip down “Memory Lane”….there were a few pieces this year that I was proud of and some that just blew me away with how they struck others. Be sure to share this with your friends and others.


Tuesday, March 13