Monday, October 6

My Favorite Apps

I love Apple. I may have a problem. I’m not sure I care to admit it. We bought our first iPad in May 2011 {as a “necessity” for the potential bedrest with triplets} and I loved it, but then Avelyn was using it for things and the kid apps kind of took over. Then I had this moment in which I really wanted a small camera to take around rather than my honkin’ huge Nikon D90, so I sold my old fashioned iPod Nano and put the money toward a 5th Gen iPod Touch. That was the beginning of the end.

About a year after my iPod, I was a bit tired of carrying around my old crap-tastic flip phone AND the iPod. I sold my iPod and upgraded to the iPhone 5C, and there’s been no looking back since. The whole push for me with iDevices was pictures. I love pictures. I’m visual. I love sharing and seeing pictures. So it stands to reason that my favorite apps have a lot to do with pictures {some of them, not all of them}.

Here we go:

1. Instagram – This one is pretty self explanatory. As I’ve said, I love pictures. There’s just something about being able to micro-blog {which I’ve managed to do better than regular blogging the past few months}, with a few clicks of a camera. AND I get all that eye candy delivered straight to my newsfeed.

2. Wunderlist – This is an My Favorite Apps for My iPhone @LifeintheWhiteHouse.comawesome app. It also has a web-based counterpart that lets me edit and update list from my computer. I use this for tons of things: Christmas and gift ideas, a running list of what I need from what stores, and the best part is…once you check something off it puts it out of sight, but when you need to re-add it to your list, BOOM! it’s there {perfect for grocery shopping}.

3. LookOut – This is a security app. It’s free, it does have a paid counterpart, but the free is awesome. On more than one occasion I’ve had to SCREAM my phone to find it in the house, when I’ve muted the ringer. It allows you to locate your phone, lock it out, delete it, and several other things.

4. Fraction Plus – This is a nerd app. I use it for my quilting. I’m not good at math, never pretended to be, but this app takes the guess work out of figuring fractions {which seem to be an unavoidable part of quilting…and baking…lots of baking too.}

5. Waterlogue – This is just a fun app. It does cost $2.99, but it saves me a lot of money and aggravation. I love watercolors, but I’m not that good at PAINTING watercolors. I used to have a program on my old, old computer that did a beautiful job of converting images to watercolors, but the program was outdated and wouldn’t function on our new computer. I couldn’t find a replacement that didn’t cost more than $100+ or didn’t take 50 steps in photoshop to replicate. This one, I just get it on my phone and BAMM! it’s water-colorized! Just like that leaf up there in my header ;-)

What are some of your favorite apps?

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