Thursday, October 2

I Haven’t Disappeared; I’ve Just Been Busy

If you follow me on instagram you know that I haven’t fallen into a pit and disappeared; it’s just been crazy-busy in this house! I keep thinking that I’m going to get time to sit down and FIGURE OUT what I’m going to ACTUAL BLOG ABOUT, but it doesn’t happen. The days are just blurring together and things just don’t happen the way I plan. Of course it doesn’t help, that I think I have to have Better Homes & Gardens quality rooms and pictures to share.

I keep wanting to start sharing the house pictures, but I’m either working on said house or it’s too dark to start tacking pictures. I told Matt that one of these days we need to ship-out the kids, spend some time cleaning {forget decorating}, and just get some pictures taken. I keep taking lots of other pictures, wanting to blog them, but that would require time to actually sit down, upload pictures to the computer, and put them in a post with words. Yea.

Painting seems to be the bane of my existence lately…and not the paint a big room and have something to show for it. It’s the touch up holes in trim, sand, and re-paint; the painting that no one is ever going to notice. Except for me and there is TONS, TONS of it to do. It’s the projects that require time, but have so little impact on anything visual {like sealing the tile in the shower, or fixing a drain in a sink}.

I’m really hoping that this month, we have all our weekends free, that we can get some stuff accomplished. We did get a bunch of things done that move us that much closer to having our home back to normal, this past weekend: Like shelves in the old bathroom closet, so that we can stop living out of boxes and get the boxes out of the dining room. It’s the little things in life.

How are we? We’re good. The kids are good: Avelyn has started ballet and {homeschool} kindergarten, the boys are doing great with their speech therapy, and Elanor is flashing her smiles at everyone {mostly to get her own way}. Matt and I are sorely in need of a date-night, but would rather spend every free moment trying to get the house put back together before Thanksgiving {my deadline}. We were joking last night about just ordering in dinner for us one night, after the kids have gone to bed, to just chill for a bit.

Life is good, and time marches on. I’m truly, truly hoping to start having something to show for the past 6 months of effort. That said I will leave you with some pictures of the gorgeous leaves that are changing around here.




You can see more of the leaves changing on my instagram feed Smile

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