Family. We’ve got a lot of that around here too! It wasn’t always that way. For quite a few years in our marriage, we were faced with the reality that our family wouldn’t expand beyond the two of us, and our dogs. You can read more about our infertility struggles here.

Needless to say, our family did expand, quite quickly, with 4 kids in 2 years, thanks to a singleton and a set of triplets. If you’d like to read more about both of my pregnancies you can find them here: My pregnancy with Avelyn and my pregnancy with Henry, James, and Elanor.

I write quite frequently about our family, whether it be my struggles and joys with mommyhood and parenting, or just about our family in general. I’ve shared a few times about our choosing to cloth diaper {even with triplets}, as well as our intention to homeschool. Sometimes, not as often as I would like, I even share about the vacations that we take {however few they may be}.

Here are some of my favorite posts:

Cloth Diapering






They’re Growing Up

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