Wednesday, July 17

"To sit in the shade on a fine day, and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment.” – Jane Austen

photo DIY WaterI posted this picture the other day on Instagram, showing our impromptu little haven and so many people were asking how we’d made it, that a blog post was in order. 

Although, this isn’t going to be a very lengthy post, because honestly it wasn’t that much work to do.

Supplies Needed

*Sheer Curtain Panels – Enough to gather across the distance of space. We used 4 for a little over 7’ of space. We got our’s at The Christmas Tree Shoppe.

*Thin Rope or Wire – To string the curtains on. Twice the distance of the space you’re spanning with extra to attach.

*Nails, Screws, or Eye-Screws {think, hook and eye locks} – This is what you’re going to use to attach the rope/wire to.

1. String curtains on rope the way you would on a curtain rod. Put them aside.

2. Hammer nails, screw screws or whatever you’re using an 1” or so above the highest point {the wire/rope will sag a bit from the weight of the sheers}, at both ends of the span.

3. Tie rope to one of the nails/screws.

4. Pull rope very, VERY tight and tie to the other side. Matt is really good at knots. He does a taught line hitch knot so that he can tighten it like a cinch.

5. Repeat steps for the bottom of the curtains through the hem {this will keep them from flapping in the breeze}.

6. Sit back and enjoy your new found privacy.

This has worked really well for us. We enjoy our front porch, but don’t enjoy our neighbor across the way, seeing our every move. We’ve been able to easily pull these closed when we want privacy, and push them back when we want to be able to see out. They’re just enough weight and gather, without really obstructing our view. You can see onto the porch a little bit, but not in the afternoon, when the sun is shining.

Not a bad deal for $10 in curtains and some hardware that we already had on hand.

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