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Wednesday, June 24

W.I.P Wednesday

I finally finished the last baby quilt I needed to for the year! Now, don’t think that means I’m done or have no other projects to do. I still have to make both girls’ quilts, and a quilt Peter {which will be the same as the big boys’ sailboat quilt}, and I’m sure there are a few others, but at least none of them are as pressing as the two that I did finish.

I had planned on making the most recent quilt from my stash, but I just didn’t have the brain power to think about all of it. Then I was sitting there thinking about what pattern to use, but didn’t really have the brain power for that either. Obviously, I knew I didn’t have a lot of brain power for anything.

Then I came across JediCraftGirl’s quilt on Instagram: Come Sail Away with Me….and I loved it! It looked simple, but awesome…and I like simple but awesome! I then headed to the quilt shop down the street {can’t tell you how huge a blessing it is to literally have a quilt shop down the street from your house, especially when it is the ONLY one within an hour’s drive}. I walked around a bit and settled on Fig Tree and Co’s Somerset line.


I did figure this was an easy enough pattern that I could come up with it and alter it, as needed, on my own…and I was right. Opened up my trusty Electric Quilt 6 and got to work! I managed to have the top together pretty quick, but then I was procrastinating about pinning the whole thing, because I didn’t want to sit on the floor at 39 weeks pinning the quilt and go into labor while Matt wasn’t home.


It only took me a week past when the recipient was born…I thought that was pretty good, considering the last quilt was given 8 months after the baby was born. I really just wanted to have it done before our little one was born, so that I didn’t have to be trying to finish it with a newborn.


I loved how the rounded edges came out…it makes binding a touch easier too, when you don’t have to miter every corner and worry that things are pulling too much one way or another.


Voila! There it is, all done and ready to gift!


Wednesday, May 20

W.I.P. Wednesday

For the past couple of months I’ve been working on a baby quilt for a friend, but I didn’t dare share it on here…unless she stopped by for a visit. I bought the fabric in February, but it wasn’t until the middle of April that I actually worked up the gumption to start! I went with Folklore by Heather Rosas for Camelot. OH, the reds, the turquoise, the coral! And a decidedly VERY Germanic pattern….perfection!


The next part is never my favorite part…deciding on a pattern. I don’t understand why this is always so hard for me, but it’s definitely my least favorite part. Of course, it doesn’t help when I decide on a pattern that I then have to alter and change it to make it do what I want it to do. For this project, I ended up going with ThimbleBlossoms {Camille Roskelley} Fireworks…it had nice big blocks, that were intricate enough without being over the top, but I had to refigure the cut list for what I was specifically doing.

Then I begun….deciding on what colors would be in what blocks and where…

IMG_9603Which pieces would be fussy cut to make the centers of each block…IMG_9601Cutting all of the pieces out….IMG_9747And finally starting to stitch them together….IMG_9749

I pushed…hard.


This quilt needed to be done before I left on vacation…


Or at least all of the machine work did…


And let me just say, sitting on the floor with a then 34 week bump to pin a quilt is not the funnest thing in the world…


But it was done…ready to stitch down binding and hand tie. I tried this new tutorial on how to cut bias worked, but I felt rather befuddled by the whole thing…no idea why.


IMG_0422Labeled {which I NEVER remember to take a picture of}, photographed and ready to ship…




It arrived at it’s intended this past Monday. I still love the fabrics…I may just have to buy more so that I can make the girls some fun skirts from it, because it’s just that awesome!

I still have another baby quilt that HAS to get done in the next month, but I have no ideas about it and haven’t even started. At some point I suppose I do need to get the quilts made for my own children…not sure how that will go with 5 kids.

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Wednesday, February 25

W.I.P. Wednesday

It’s done! Finished the baby quilt that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks! Yay! Of course I ran out of all my label making supplies; so, I gave the quilt, then asked for it back so that I could finish the label…classy. IMG_8081

We even had a sunny day so that I could take it outside to get some pictures! I did decide that sitting on the floor pinning quilts isn’t going to be happening much longer, so I need to get a move on and get these other 2 baby quilts finished so that I don’t have to.

IMG_7746Always doing some stretching while working on a quilt…IMG_7758


I always love a quilt that comes entirely out of my stash of fabric, which this one did. I had it all sitting there, just waiting to be pulled together, and it pulled together quite nicely. I’m loving the shots of orange!


Since this quilt is done, I started working on my next quilt or at least buying the fabric for it.

I was perusing the one day an found the absolutely most perfect line of fabric Folklore by Heather Rosas for Camelot Cotton. It was so perfect that I just HAD to get it; Matt agreed. I love it so much, that I may just have to buy a few yards of the red, so that I can make the girls some skirts or dresses from it.


I’m actually planning on repeating a quilt I’ve made before, the first quilt I made. I think the pattern is going to be perfect for it. When I made it the first time, it was a bit of a struggle, so I’m curious to see if my skills have advanced over the past 5 years. I am going with the original pattern, so it won’t have the extra borders on it.

I haven’t had much time to actually sew lately: I’ve been working on a project in the mudroom {more on that soon….I’m hoping to finish the project this weekend} and suddenly a couple of little boys don’t always want to take a nap.

How’s your Wednesday going?

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Wednesday, February 4

W.I.P. Wednesday

Due to a series of fortuitous events, I managed to get the baby quilt top that I was working on DONE! Yay! It just so happened that on Sunday night 2 of the kids stayed at my parents and the other 2 at Matthew’s parents, then we had a good dumping of snow {12” +}…so no one wanted to venture out, which mean I had the WHOLE day home…ALONE! Woot! Woot!

I got up, and got to work! One of my favorite kind of days: Snow and sewing! IMG_7362

I had spent the night before cutting apart all of my HSTs, so at least that was done. I ironed them all, got them all laid out and then the dog laid on them and made a mess of my organization: GAH!


I got them all figured out again and then it was piecing the columns and stitching the rows together!


I’m glad the top is done, at least now I can work on the hand tying sitting on the couch in the evening. The hardest thing about quilting is that I can’t do it during the day, because of the kids, but I don’t want to sit in a room alone at night, when my husband is home in the evening. At least now there’s handwork.


I’m rather pleased with the top…I’m loving the turquoise and the orange together. Not sure what color I’ll bind it with, but I’ll figure it out!

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Wednesday, January 21

W.I.P. Wednesday

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a W.I.P. Wednesday! I’ve been going through withdrawal, and now I’m at the point that I really wanted to start again, but feel like I have no idea where to begin. This fabric sat on my table for over a week before I actually decide to maybe, possibly, do something with it!IMG_6848

It’s definitely hard to get back into something, when it’s been over a YEAR since you’ve actually worked on a project. I also have so many quilts that I need to make in the next 4 months, that is a bit overwhelming.  It’s kind of like walking into the room that catches-all and not knowing where you’re supposed to start to make order of it. You’re faced with making a choice: Soldier-on and do the job OR close the door and forget about it.

I decided to soldier-on…

The pattern is from Camille Roskelley’s book Simply Retro, the “Fresh” quilt block. I’ve loved the quilts in that book, but this is the first that I’m actually doing, and of course I’ve changed it….I wanted smaller blocks, and only 4 of them, so it took a bit of math {gah! I don’t like math!}. Fortunately, I can figure out the dimensions with my EQ6 program, the only problem is, that it always messes up the count of how much you need to cut…I always end with extras of some and short of others.



















I did have a little helper yesterday afternoon, James: He decided he wanted to try his hand at rotary cutting {which put my heart in my throat}, but he did pretty good with it. After the kids were in bed I worked for a bit longer on the blocks, but I wasn’t making myself crazy about it.


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*I totally did not mean to cut off Camille’s face in this picture, but it seemed to have happened without my knowing.

Tuesday, December 16

The Girls’ Big-Girl Room

One of our goals over Christmas {since Matt is off for the week} is to get the girls transitioned to their Big-Girl room; which means we have to get it all touched up after the de-construction damage. There’s not much damage, but enough to make it a hassle…I think it would be easier if there were a lot of damage.

Most of the work consists of touching up the sheetrock that was damaged when the other part of the house collapsed, and then repainting one wall. It always seems to me that the projects that take the least amount of time are the ones that take the longest.

I’ve kind of wanted to do an English/Fairy Garden themed bedroom for the girls. I’ve been pinning whenever I see anything on Pinterest.

Girls room
I found fabric a while ago that I loved, but never bought it…then it became impossible to find. Fortunately I did, on ebay, of all places, and some random other websites, I was able to piece together what I would need to make the quilts.

Honey Sweet

I’ve really been loving sampler quilts this past year, so decided that was my best bet. This quilt is what I decided to do…it’s a bit small, but I can easily add another border to make it what I need.

Here’s where the work, and your opinions come in. The room is already the same shade of cream that’s in the fabric and the floor is painted Martha Stewart Brook Trout, which is very close to the gray/brown fabric. There’s one wall that is currently green, that is going to get repainted, but I just can’t decide on the color.

Here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to:

A) Pearhoneysweet_solid_pear_20199_34

B) Raspberry


C) Persimmon


D) Pond20217_16_20140224190238

E) Soft Peach {the light pink in the roses}brocade_hazel_20212_17

See the problem! The quilt is going to be bordered in the pond and backed in the brown/gray. I just can’t decide how brave I want to be, in regards to the persimmon and raspberry. Which would you choose? That’s my question.

The other thing I’m debating is stenciling a few big flowers on the floor…something along these lines. Not a ton of them just a few…to kind of make the floor stand out a bit.

FLoor stencil

Wednesday, March 19

W.I.P. Wednesday

I finished another baby quilt! One more down to finish all of the ones needed for this year, so far. I haven’t gifted this one yet, but I doubt the recipient will see it here.


I’ve also been busy working on the Easter dresses for the girls. I was waiting for the re-release of the pattern from TheCottageMama {it’s a freebie for newsletter subscribers}. I had made this dress for Avelyn for the babies’ baptism in 2012. The problem was it didn’t go beyond a size 4 originally. I had begun to resketch the pattern, when I saw that it was being re-released in sizes 6months to 10. WOOHOO!

If you follow me on instagram you’ve been getting a lot of teaser-shots of the dresses over the past few days.

Dress collage

Ellie got a surprise when the sewing machine started sewing! Can I just say how much I LOVE this fabric?! Well, I will anyways…I LOVE THIS FABRIC! It is so fun and so cheerful! It may just HAVE to make an appearance on my blog as the inspiration for my new spring/summer blog re-design! It’s Summer Breeze by Riley Blake and is perfection for little girls, or anyone else for that matter!

Here they are!

DSC_0175 Party Dress Stitched by

I still have to make the buttons for the backs of the dresses, but I’m beyond pleased {once again} with how this dress comes together! You’ll have to wait until Easter to see the girls’ in their dresses. Now on to making bow-ties for the boys!  No, they won’t have pink…both boys will have white button downs with the turquoise fabric.

I have a couple of other projects in the works, but I just haven’t sat down to give them any thought. The last baby quilt I have to make is for a baby-girl due in July; then I have to get started on my girls’ big girl quilts.

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Tuesday, February 25

W.I.P. Wednesday

I’m also {almost} done with another baby quilt!

I don’t recall if I ever shared a finished picture of my sister’s baby quilt, but here it is. It’s the best I have.


I realized something though…that I’ve been very BAD about keeping track of what fabrics I’ve used in my quilts, so I have no idea when I need to get more most of the time! This quilt was made using Kona’s Ash as the grey, the patches are Legacy Studios Calliope – Monotone Leaves, Journey Easy in Floral Breeze, a batik I had a fat quarter of, and a gradient yellow from I don’t know where . The back is a flannel Sultan Hill by Demetria Hayward for RJR Fabrics 2010 {I use this for all my baby quilts – I think I bought 10 yards originally}.

The new baby quilt that I’m working on is from the line Lavender and Lace from Troy Corporation for Riverwoods Collection. I had planned on using the collection Lavender and Cologne, but it hadn’t released yet, and I found this line in the quilt shop down the street. I’d rather give them the business anyways {it IS quite convenient to have a quilt shop down the road}.

I’ve been posting a few teasers here and there on instagram under the hashtag #arrowheadsamplerquilt. I should be able to finish this quilt this week, which would be fantastic, because then I can get started on the girls’ Easter dresses {using the Summer Breeze By Bella Blvd For Riley Blake Designs}. And, yes, I watch Downton while sewing…iPads are great for this kind of thing *wink-wink*

imagephoto (1)

Here’s a peek at what it’s coming out like….my helper was a bit distraught at what I had asked her to do.


The patterns are from the book Jelly Roll Sampler Quilts, which has a ton of beautiful patterns, all of which you can just pick and choose by size and go for it! I used Arrowhead and the Union Square blocks in this quilt. I still need to slap a border on the quilt, hand tie it and bind it, but it’s only Wednesday, right?!

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