Wednesday, January 21

W.I.P. Wednesday

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a W.I.P. Wednesday! I’ve been going through withdrawal, and now I’m at the point that I really wanted to start again, but feel like I have no idea where to begin. This fabric sat on my table for over a week before I actually decide to maybe, possibly, do something with it!IMG_6848

It’s definitely hard to get back into something, when it’s been over a YEAR since you’ve actually worked on a project. I also have so many quilts that I need to make in the next 4 months, that is a bit overwhelming.  It’s kind of like walking into the room that catches-all and not knowing where you’re supposed to start to make order of it. You’re faced with making a choice: Soldier-on and do the job OR close the door and forget about it.

I decided to soldier-on…

The pattern is from Camille Roskelley’s book Simply Retro, the “Fresh” quilt block. I’ve loved the quilts in that book, but this is the first that I’m actually doing, and of course I’ve changed it….I wanted smaller blocks, and only 4 of them, so it took a bit of math {gah! I don’t like math!}. Fortunately, I can figure out the dimensions with my EQ6 program, the only problem is, that it always messes up the count of how much you need to cut…I always end with extras of some and short of others.



















I did have a little helper yesterday afternoon, James: He decided he wanted to try his hand at rotary cutting {which put my heart in my throat}, but he did pretty good with it. After the kids were in bed I worked for a bit longer on the blocks, but I wasn’t making myself crazy about it.


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*I totally did not mean to cut off Camille’s face in this picture, but it seemed to have happened without my knowing.

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