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Friday, February 7

Mary & Martha’s NEW Spring Line

It’s here! It’s here! The New Spring Line from Mary & Martha! I’ve been anxiously awaiting receiving my new goodies from the Spring catalog {which you can view here}, so that I could share some of the beautiful and FUN new things Mary & Martha has!

Mary & Martha 2014 Spring Line Check it out at

Look at all those beautiful goodies! And this is just a smattering of all the wonderful new products that Mary & Martha has added to their line!

Mary & Martha 2014 Spring Line Check it out at

Mary & Martha now has an entire line of Paper Bakeware! Everything from muffin cups and bundt pans to loaf pans. If you enjoy giving your yummy baked goods away, then these are for you! They’re the perfect packaging for blessings others without the hassle. The best part is, they’re available in a variety of colors and patterns!

Mary & Martha 2014 Spring Line Check it out at & Martha 2014 Spring Line Check it out at

Mary & Martha 2014 Spring Line Check it out at

Mary & Martha 2014 Spring Line Check it out at

Like going to the movies, but hate sharing that popcorn? Bring your own little boxes to div-ie it up! Or if you like to make you own popcorn snack mixes and gift them, a perfect way to package!

Mary & Martha 2014 Spring Line Check it out at

Mary & Martha now has a full line of Napkins and Placemats, in a plethora of beautiful colors! The best part is, they’re reusable up to six washes! Just throw’em in the laundry, and use them again! Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect with these, but they are really nice! I can’t wait to wash them and see how they hold up.

Mary & Martha 2014 Spring Line Check it out at

And one of my absolutely most favorite things in the new line…that I can’t even wait to get another one of them….Nesting Market Baskets! They come in small {11” square}, medium {14” square}, and large {15.5” square}. I’m already thinking of all the different uses and places I can put them!


Here are some of the other new items  that Mary & Martha is carrying this Spring… And you can find the new Spring Guide HERE!

Mary & Martha 2014 Spring Line Check it out at

Guest and Hostess Specials for February
Mary & Martha 2014 Spring Line Check it out at

Guest and Hostess Specials for March

Mary & Martha 2014 Spring Line Check it out at

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to place an order:
Jess.White05 at gmail dot com

Tuesday, January 14

Mary & Martha January Specials

Just wanted to let you know that Mary & Martha’s January Sale is still going strong! Here’s what’s left in the inventory right now, that are $20 and under. Things are going quick though, so if there’s something that catches your eye, be sure to order it ASAP! If you have any questions or problems, drop me an email and I’ll get back to you ASAP {I will be on the road today, but will answer them as soon as I’m back at a computer}.

Shop at

Mary & Martha Januar Specials Items on Sale for UNDER $20 at
Mary & Martha Januar Specials Items on Sale for UNDER $10 at

Tuesday, November 26


You're Invited Cover photoIn celebration of Small Business Saturday and Kicking Off the Christmas Season, it’s been extended!
Black Friday Free Shipping

Orders of $40 or more, placed between now and 6pm EST on Black Friday
{Nov. 29th}
EXTENDED TO DEC 1st at 8PM, will receive

FYI: Your order will still show a shipping cost, but I will remove
it on my end before your credit card is charged.
Also, any orders of $40 or more are eligible for these beautiful specials:

November Guest Specials
Here are some of my favorites!
Favorites for Blog
If you love coffee now is the time to get your’s from Mary & Martha! For several reasons:

1) When you place an order of $40 or more, not only do you get Free Shipping, but you also get the choice of 3 bags of Mary & Martha coffee for $20, that’s a savings of $28 and works out to $6.70/bag.

2) You are helping people, the Lenca Indians of the Olpalaca Mountains.

order Now FYI: Your order will still show a shipping cost, but I will remove it on my end before your credit card is charged.

And get this! For just THREE DAYS Mary & Martha is offering DOUBLE HOSTESS CREDITS! Now’s your chance to sit down with family and friends and have an impromptu gathering! $250 in orders will get you 1 HALF PRICE item {no limit on what the price is…you could pick the most expensive thing on your wish list!} AND you get $50 towards any other purchases you make AND you’re still eligible for the guest and hostess specials for November!

If this sounds awesome to you, drop me an email! and I will get an event setup for you ASAP so that you can start the shopping now. Just think! Awesome Black Friday deals that don’t require you to leave the house!

Double Hostess Thanksgiving


Wednesday, August 14

Mary and Martha?

Some of you may remember that I had mentioned Blessings Unlimited in May, thanking those of you who had purchased the Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle. This is the fruition of that thanks and prayers.

A little over a year ago now, I saw something on a blog about Blessings Unlimited. I clicked over and loved their products and what they were about. But I wasn’t sure that it was something that I could do…between newborn triplets and a 2.5 year old, money and time were tight. I kept thinking about it, praying about it, asking Matt what he thought about it. I put it on a shelf.

In May I did the eBook bundle and decided this was it, it was time to **** or get off the pot. I prayed that if this was something God wanted me to do then he needed to provide the funds. And He did. And I still didn’t. I waited almost 3 more months, before deciding it was now or never, would I take the leap of faith and do this. And I did.

When I signed up it was still Blessings Unlimited. Two days later it changed to Mary & Martha. Believe me, I was more than a little confused as to what was happening. Slowly I figured it out, found team members to support me and answer questions.

Mind you. I knew the bible story about Mary & Martha: Jesus visits 2 sisters, one sits at his feet to listen while the other scurries around in a tizzy trying to cook and clean and have everything just perfect, because HELLO!!! It’s JESUS! If it was me, I probably would have just passed out on the floor and it would’ve been the end of the story. No lesson learned.

Martha gets frustrated with her sister, that she’s not doing ANYTHING to help and asks Jesus to make Mary help her. Jesus responds:

“Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”
Luke 10:41-42

Ouch. I’m not even sure what I would have responded with. Probably storm out and cry.

But, how many of us avoid entertaining, because we think there are all these things that need to be done in preparation for visitors?

Enter Mary & Martha

It’s a direct sale company, similar to Pampered Chef, Party Lite, Lia Sophia, Silpada and many many others. But there’s a difference, and I think it’s a difference that will make ALL the difference. Mary & Martha is a part of DaySpring, the Christian division of Hallmark: This is a company at which Christ is the center.

Mary & Martha has the tag line “Meaningful Entertaining….Made Simple”. This isn’t just a buy/sell relationship, this is about relationship. WE were CREATED for relationship, with one and other.

How often do all of us feel overwhelmed at the thought of opening our doors to others? That our house isn’t clean enough, well decorated enough, or just plain enough? We all have.
Mary & Martha is about learning how to put all the pretenses aside and allowing God to work in our lives, and work in the lives of others through us and our homes. About finding the balance between doing and resting in Him. But we first have to open that door and welcome others in.

Over the past year I’ve been blogging about one of the biggest issues I have felt myself and have seen around me, and not just in the church or out of it…Loneliness. So many women feel detached from those around them and are desperately craving to have real, meaningful relationships with other women in their lives. But if we’re all so lonely why aren’t we reaching out to others? It’s because we all truly feel that we have nothing to offer those around us. Mary & Martha wants to help you realize this feeling for what it is….a Lie.

Throughout their catalog you will find not only beautiful products that will help you create the home you want to welcome soon to be friends into, but it will also help you tackle the how. The how, is more important than the what.

In this day and age, we’ve all but lost what hospitality is. So few of us have any idea anymore about what it means to entertain. We think it’s about serving fancy dishes that took hours to prepare, elegant music in the background, children who are either not there or are quiet and well behaved…it can be that, but that might not be what this season in your life looks like. It may be a box of pizza or a bowl of soup and fresh bread, kids running around in the background, and gabbing for a few hours with close friends. Whatever it is…it is perfect.

If you’re looking for a reason to get together with some friends, for some low key fun, or seriously wanting to pursue entertaining in your home as a ministry, Mary & Martha can help you with that. I can help you.

If you’re at all interested in talking to me about Mary & Martha, whether just about products, gathering ideas, or having a gathering of your own {it doesn’t have to be in person, we can always do online…Facebook is awesome for that!!}, I’d love to hear from you!

Jessica White
Independent Consultant
Complete the following form.

Monday, May 6

A Few Words of Thanks.

Thank you to each and every one of that purchased the Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle. May it bless you and your family. I’ve just started downloading all of the files and oh my…there is some great stuff in there! Don’t worry if you didn’t pick up your’s: I have several giveaways that I’m going to be doing in the next few months, that will include eBooks from the bundle.Thank you

And now, the big reason that I say “Thank you!”
Last week, around Thursday, only 1 bundle had been purchased through my blog and I realized something: I could make this a very clear answer from God, as to whether I should do Blessings Unlimited or not. I told Him, if I was supposed to become a consultant that I needed to sell 8 bundles, to cover the cost of the start up kit. That if I did not sell those bundles, then I would take that as a resounding “No”.

As of Saturday morning I had only sold 3, and then purchased mine before my sister in law’s wedding reception {we were home for an hour between them}.
I got home that night, and at 12:30 checked my email. I had sold 8. Wonderful answer right?! But I had bought one of those 8…there was room to waffle on this answer. I didn’t feel like it was a resounding “yes” or “no”.

I went to bed, and was awoken at 4:30 {after 1.5 hours sleep} by someone who had found Matt’s cell phone…we hadn’t even known he lost it the night before. Since I was awake and not going back to sleep, I checked my email and double checked my e-junkie account. 9. 9? 9 bundles sold?
I counted again and sure enough 9 had sold. Meaning that I had actually sold 8, plus the one I bought.
I’d say that’s a pretty specific answer.

Of course, I’m now second guessing and question whether this is really what I’m supposed to be doing. I asked God for an answer, and then I’m not sure that the answer I got is actually an answer. How ridiculous we humans are!?!

But. I’m taking a leap of faith. Believing that God has answered my prayer, given me the the slap-up-side-the-head clarity that I requested on this issue. So sometime this week I will be signing the contract and becoming an official consultant for Blessings Unlimited. Stay tuned!

A little bit of housekeeping now:

What did you think of the eBook Bundle? What was the reason behind your buying {or not} buying it? I know for a lot of people it’s the cost. Did you feel like I was being pushy or posting too much about it? Did you feel like there was enough mentions that it reminded you, but you didn’t find it annoying? Did it have absolutely no effect on you in any way?

This was my first time doing a bundle or anything else of this size, so I’m very curious what you guys thought about it. I’d really appreciate your feedback.