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Friday, April 12

DaySpring Deals

Just in time for Mother’s Day! I thought I’d share a few of the awesomely beautiful gifts they have on sale right now at

Good Things Tote and Mug When I attended Allume we received an awesome swag-bag, all of which was  in a lovely tote bag from This month the tote bag is on sale!

I love this bag. It’s easy to clean, it holds a ton of stuff, and it’s so fun and cheery looking! Plus it has quite a few inside pockets so that things don’t get lost.

40905_alt1Right now, if you use the code 30MOM you can get both the mug and the tote for $20.99 HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!


They also have all Mother’s Day and Graduation cards on sale, buy 2 get 1 FREE

Also, their most popular Friendship Cards and Gifts are also, all 30% OFF, with the code 30MOM!

From April 8-21 only, all of the JEWELRY on their site is 25% OFF with the code GRATEFUL25!
Even the beautiful jewelry from Lisa Leonard is 25% OFF


Be sure to check out all the great sales soon, so that you can get the best deals
on the best gifts for the BEST MOMs!

*This posts contains affiliate links, which means that on any purchase you make through these links I receive a small commission on your order, at no extra cost to you. It’s rather a win-win deal!

Tuesday, November 20

DaySpring SUPERSale

I posted last week about the great sales that DaySpring has going on right now. Today starts the beginning of their SUPERSale, which means that you can get 30% off all sale and clearance items, when you use the code 30SUPER. Yea, it’s seriously awesome: Here we go!!

How about this beautiful platter which will be marked down to $13.49yhst-93128105900816_2166_4391350
Or this platter which will be marked down to $9.99yhst-93128105900816_2163_15328637
Then there is this awesome piece of wall art {On sale for $17.99}
I’ve been loving these inspirational blocks  ever since I set eyes on them a while back {On sale for $14.99}yhst-93128105900816_2163_14085693
Maybe you know someone who has a love for flowers and beautiful vases {marked down to $7.79}
EverGrateful_TaupeVaseWhat about this lovely God’s Heart for You Necklace? {Marked down to $10.49}

There are quite a few other things that are currently on sale as well…

The Ever Grateful Collection is all marked down to 50% OFFDaySpring Tableware on Sale

Current Monthly Specials – Including canvases 25% OFF
3 across dayspring collage

Some beautiful {and VERY affordable} gift sets, including tote bags, books, and jewelry
gift sets

Christmas Cards are Buy 2 Get 1 FREE
Christmas Cards 2 - 1 free

I know that I’ll be ordering a few things for gifts and to have in my stash for last minute needs. I hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing all the wonderful things that DaySpring has available right now, and at some truly fantastic prices!

{Now here is my shameless plug}

Please be sure to click through to DaySpring via the links/images on my blog, ONLY THEN do I receive a portion of the sale. Remember, your clicking through my blog doesn’t cost you anything more, and I really appreciate your doing it :-)

Friday, November 16

Love Came Down…

The first few Christmases after we were married were not overly happy ones. Every year we expected to be sharing our Savior’s birth with a little one of our own, and it didn’t happen, and it didn’t happen, and it didn’t happen. Every year I would listen to Amy Grant’s Love Has Come, sobbing the lyrics through tears. You see, we never knew whether we would have the Christmas morning that she sings about.

I struggled with celebrating the birth of a baby, particularly one that was born to an unwed, teenage mother. I rejoiced in the birth of Jesus and all that it meant, but that baby, it sometimes just held too much pain for me.

The other night we had friends of our’s to dinner, friends who just welcomed their first born, a son, into this world. Friends who have been there for us and wept with us during those years, who have sat at our table and prayed with us, worshiped with us. Love Came Down

I ladled out homemade stew from my new DaySpring soup tureen, while looking around our table at all the faces gathered there, in love, in HIS love: I looked at the faces of not only our friends and their son, but of my husband and our FOUR children.

What a blessing! That this house, which we thought may never be filled with children of our own, is not only full, but brimming with them, with dear friends, with God, with LOVE.

Love came down and filled our hearts {and stomachs} and home with Jesus.

I’d love for you to visit the blogs of my friends, who are also sharing their DaySpring stories, as well as others who are linking up with DaySpring’s November (in)deals.

*I received the above soup tureen from for free in return for sharing my story and how I was blessed by DaySpring’s products. By the way, the soup tureen is absolutely beautiful, as are the soup bowls…it was plenty big enough for the 5 of us to serve ourselves from during our supper together. It’s definitely one of my new favorite pieces.

Wednesday, November 7

Dayspring Deals–I’m trying something new {please give me your feedback}

I’ve long loved Dayspring and their products, whether it be e-cards, note cards, or gifts. A while back I decided to become an affiliate of Dayspring, meaning that I receive a small percentage of each sale they receive from customers who clicked the links to their site, at no extra cost to the buyer. In the 6+ months I’ve been an affiliate I’ve really struggled with the whole being-an-affiliate-making-money thing. That said, I’ve not made a cent off of my being an affiliate.

Then I realized something: I can be an affiliate without the money-making thing being the FOCUS and PURPOSE of it. I can just share with you some of the great deals I get emailed to me monthly {which they’re awesome deals} and if you decide to click through one of my links and buy something, that’s great, but it’s not the purpose of it.

So here it is, the first of my monthly Dayspring Deals posts. Seriously though, I desperately want YOUR feedback about doing this. If it’s not something that anyone is interested in or wants to see, then it’s not something that I need to put energy into. If you guys are interested in finding out these special deals, each month, in one post, then I will gladly do them.

~*~November’s Dayspring Deals~*~

544202Dayspring is known for their greeting cards: Why not get ready for Christmas a little early and enjoy their Buy Two, Get One Free promotion that they have going on.

At Allume, one of my friends won one of Dayspring’s beautiful canvas prints, which are currently 25% OFF: I  was seriously in love with the Amazing Grace one at Allume, but they sold it before I ever got around to buying it.

Right now they have a whole slew of beautiful gifts, books and cards that are specially marked down just for November. Things like: Purses, Jewelry, Vinyl Wall Decals, Home Decor items, even some great books!

Dayspring Collage

They’re even going to be doing a special SUPER SALE, that starts on November 20th {ends November 26th…think of it as Black Friday without fighting the crowds}, when you can get an additional 30% OFF ALMOST EVERYTHING, using the code 30SUPER {Don’t worry, I’ll remind ya, when the time comes}.

Here’s a bit of a teaser as to what things will be marked way, way down between the two sales:

How about this beautiful platter which will be marked down to $13.49

Or this platter which will be marked down to $9.99

Then there is this beautiful piece of wall art {that I’m thinking I need to get for myself}; which would be a great house-warming gift! {On sale for $17.99}

I’ve been loving these inspirational blocks  ever since I set eyes on them a while back {On sale for $14.99}yhst-93128105900816_2163_14085693

Maybe you know someone who has a love for flowers and beautiful vases {marked down to $7.79}

There are more beautiful things, that would make wonderful Christmas {or anytime gifts} at really great prices. I’ll be sure to share all of them once they’re actually available at the super great prices!

OK, now tell me your honest opinion….Bothersome or worth the read through? Please, tell me what you think. If you don’t want to leave a comment, then email me