Wednesday, February 25

W.I.P. Wednesday

It’s done! Finished the baby quilt that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks! Yay! Of course I ran out of all my label making supplies; so, I gave the quilt, then asked for it back so that I could finish the label…classy. IMG_8081

We even had a sunny day so that I could take it outside to get some pictures! I did decide that sitting on the floor pinning quilts isn’t going to be happening much longer, so I need to get a move on and get these other 2 baby quilts finished so that I don’t have to.

IMG_7746Always doing some stretching while working on a quilt…IMG_7758


I always love a quilt that comes entirely out of my stash of fabric, which this one did. I had it all sitting there, just waiting to be pulled together, and it pulled together quite nicely. I’m loving the shots of orange!


Since this quilt is done, I started working on my next quilt or at least buying the fabric for it.

I was perusing the one day an found the absolutely most perfect line of fabric Folklore by Heather Rosas for Camelot Cotton. It was so perfect that I just HAD to get it; Matt agreed. I love it so much, that I may just have to buy a few yards of the red, so that I can make the girls some skirts or dresses from it.


I’m actually planning on repeating a quilt I’ve made before, the first quilt I made. I think the pattern is going to be perfect for it. When I made it the first time, it was a bit of a struggle, so I’m curious to see if my skills have advanced over the past 5 years. I am going with the original pattern, so it won’t have the extra borders on it.

I haven’t had much time to actually sew lately: I’ve been working on a project in the mudroom {more on that soon….I’m hoping to finish the project this weekend} and suddenly a couple of little boys don’t always want to take a nap.

How’s your Wednesday going?

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