Friday, February 15

A Lenten Dare–Link Up #1

I’m so excited to have you here this week: Sharing all the ways in which God has shown you His grace in your every day life! Click HERE if you would like to find out a little more about what I’m doing during this season of Lent. If you would like to link up with me, the form is at the bottom of this post, as well as a graphic, if you want to include that on your own blog.

1065. Ave saying “We need a family hug”
1066. Whiskey…that’s right….whiskey
1067. Catching Ellie quietly sitting and reading a book
1068. Kids playing together nicely
1069. Handsome husband going to work, day after day, tirelessly providing for us
1070. Avelyn sharing an apple and cheese without being asked
DSC_01711071. Unexpected sunshine streaming in while I wash dishes
1072. Apples, in all their “Sweet and crunchy” glory
1073. Seeing Ellie in my first Christmas dress
1074. Bursts of colors amidst the gloom and grey of winter
1075. Stolen moments hanging out diapers…feeling the sun on my back and the cold breeze in my face
1076. Gumption and grace to clean the bathroom, knowing it will be trashed after bath time tonight
1077. Other moms in real life {my Mom to Mom group}
1078. Other MULTIPLE mamas in real life, who not only share the crazy, but our faith
1079. The look of confusion on the mailman’s face when he saw HIS valentine in our mailbox
1080. God diffusing emotions during frustrating conversations and words with others
1081. Jamie's sloppy wet tongue-y kisses
1082. Peace for Henry while he cuts 4 molars at once
1083. Peace for mommy while Henry cuts 4 molars at once
1084. The absolutely awe-inspiring faithfulness of God and his provisions; feeling it once again when paying bills the other night
1085. Knowing that God is big enough for our dreams, that if they are His will we CANNOT fail
1086. Construction estimates coming in less than I thought
1087. The 4 lives He has entrusted into our care {4 years since finding out we were finally pregnant!}
A Lenten Dar with

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