Sunday, March 9

One Thousand Gifts #1203-1230

1203. Generosity of family: Both in their homes and love.
1204. Cuddling on the couch with 4 sweet babies.Lenten Dare Graphic WM
1205. How truly we are blessed in having had not one or two, but three healthy and strong preemies.
1206. Kind words from others, telling you, you’re doing a good job with your kids.
1207. All 4 kids excited for stories before going to sleep.
1208. The power of prayer.
1209. That I can call on our Savior to protect me from Satan.
1210. Forgiveness…given and received.
1211. Excess….we have more than we need, and such a blessing that is.
1212. The provisions to not only repair our home, but create a home that fits us better.
1213. Mary & Martha.
1214. The ability to go into the world and share God’s love.
1215. A good Gathering last week.
1216. Cars that run.
1217. That somehow, someway, God always takes what we have and makes it enough…especially with money.
1218. Those glimpses of God throughout the day.
1219. A living room that is constantly wrecked by the creative energies of 4 kids.
1220. The ability to look at it and laugh.
1221. A husband who has my back.
1222. Opportunity. It is in opportunity that we have the chance to grow and learn.
1223. Time to read, even if it is in the middle of the night.
1224. Access 24/7 to so many wonderful words: Through the Bible, blogs, and a  thousand other sources.
1225. A $4 skirt at the consignment shop.
1226. Time with my sister.
1227. Hearing the sweet heartbeat of my nephew.
1228. The quiet of naptime.
1229. Hearing the birds a bit more outside of my window each morning.
1230. Daylight Savings Time: Because the kids sleep past 6am now.

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