Friday, March 8

Lenten Dare—Link up #4

Link up 41128. Little boy giggles and little girl laughs
1129. That we not only have food in our house, but that it’s good, healthful foods
1130. Farm Fresh Deliveries
1131. The kids going to bed earlier at night as we lead up to Daylight Savings Time
1132. Henry and his “Mamum” shouts
1133. Spending time with Matt last weekend, sans kids
1134. Getting to see one of my favorite Irish musicians on Sunday (Cathie Ryan)
1135. Sneaking in moments to create
1136. The Boys playing chase around the living room
1137. Words to convey my own thoughts to others
1138. Strength to keep my mouth shut, even when I’m ready to be nasty back to people
1139. That I have a husband whom I can vent to, and who can vent to me
1140. Ellie standing on her own
1141. That no one is capable of loving or caring for my children as God has called me to do
1142. Quilts
1143. Patience to enjoy the snuggles even way I am really not in the mood for it {ie. the middle of the night or while trying to get “things” done}
1144. Butter….oh my how life would be less without butter
1145. A husband willing to “learn” how to use the floor-mate and then actually doing the floor
1146. Being inspired by people who can speak His truth and words, from memory
1147. Getting adjusted by the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to, for the first time in almost 2 years
1148. Taking the kids to the park in the fly boat
1149. Being able to fit all of the car seats in a minivan
1150. Unsolicited “I love yous”, “Thank yous”, Hugs and Kisses
1151. Projects completed
1152. Him.

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