Thursday, April 14

One Thousand Gifts #776-800

776. Thinking I'm going to wake up to a  gloomy day, and the sun is shining!
777. Design plans  that worked out....finally....after several hours of attempts
778. How perfect God's paint palette is
779. Pieces of worn blue glass
780. Finding out how to do a batch of photos in photoshop
781. Ave's giggles after she throws rocks in the water
782. That we have such a huge field and river behind our house
783. That we fortunately live high enough up from the river that we don't have to worry about flooding
784. Good naps
785. That even if WE give up, He doesn't
786. Massages a la Matthew
787. Seasonable weather
788. Free things
789. Old can become new
790. Reinvent things...whether it's fabric, furniture, or garbage
791. For a God who works in us, even when we don't realize it
792. That my daughter has a roof over head, clothes on her body, and food in her tummy
793. That everyone I love is safe and provided for, at least physically
794. Snapshots of life....caught on "film"
795. "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28
796. I come from a line of strong women
797. A little girl content to play in her crib a bit longer, letting me finish what I was doing
798. Yoga balls
799. We're all healthy again....I think
800. Muddy own

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