Friday, April 15

One Thousand Gifts #801-825

801. That God works on us the way water and sand work on blue glass....slowly, patient smoothing our edges
802. Dimpled hands
803. Scraped shins
804. Safe travels for Matt to his retreat
805. That even when we give up, God doesn't
806. My meds ending up being cheaper than originally quoted
807. My mother for being an awesome example of a wife and mother
808. Parents who have set a wonderful model of marriage for us
809. Girls' dinner at my in laws (while the men-folk are at a vestry retreat)
810. "Face time" at dinner between Avelyn and her cousin Clare
811. That Ave will grow up with a cousin so close in age to her
812. "It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all". Laura Ingalls Wilder
813. Our God is an awesome God!
814. Seeing how Ave and C's personalities are developing and growing
815. Oatmeal scotchies...yummmm
816. An adoption that was up in the air last week, looks as though it's going to happen for a friend and her family
817. Finishing my clothespin bag
818. Warm dogs on cold feet
819. Beautiful quilts
820. A wonderful explanation today on FLN about Palm Sunday and the deliberate significances that occurred (Christ arriving on a donkey as opposed as a horse, for example)
821. Yummy, and good for you cookies....Thanks Kate
822. "I would have despaired had I not believed in the goodness of the LORD." Psalm 27:13
823. A daughter who never ceases to amaze me
824. Hope!
825. That there is LOVE in the world....REAL love

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Bobbi said...

Your list is coming to an end soon. I still don't know how you come up with new things!!! I don't even think I could get to 100, even though I know I'm blessed with 1,000,000 gifts. I want to personally thank you so much for all your support, kind words, uplifting spirit and prayers the past couple weeks as we learned of our pregnancy and conquered the first couple weeks of pregnancy. You are such a light for me and I appreciate you so much! Thank you, again, for everything!!! :)