Friday, February 22

A Lenten Dare–Link Up #2

Lenten Dare 21088. Avelyn saying “I love my mommy and daddy, and you guys too” to her siblings.
1089. Tax return…mama’s getting a new stroller!
1090. Cold snowy nights, and not having to drive home in the middle of them, like before we were married.
1091. Massages
1092. Dollar stores
1093. Strength to credit God for my life amidst those who question His existence
1094. Healthy preemies
1095. Submitting my desires to Matt's financial prudence, no new computer but we’re putting a good chunk aside for the new addition.
1096. God helping me to make peace with that^^^ and I know it’s the best plan.
1097. Roasted cauliflower …yummm
1098. Grandparents who watch kids
1099. Grocery shopping alone
1100. DIY projects...the knowledge to do these things and save money
1101. Matt's willingness to love me (possible new business venture for me, allowing me to spend a little something on myself.
1102. That even when I worry about what others think of me I remember that I only need to worry about what GOD thinks of me.
1103. A young girl choosing life for her baby and the community that reaches out to support her, being able to be a part of that.

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