Thursday, April 21

One Thousand Gifts #926-950

926. Not having lost a library book (in spite of their saying I had)
927. Play-date with a friend
928. Ave having fun and playing with another little girl (only 6 weeks younger....closer in age than their mommies' 2 months to the day)
929. Getting up early and getting things accomplished
930. Being reminded how blessed we are to own a grocery store
931. The Last Supper
932. Even Jesus being betrayed was worked for good
934. Having dinner ready to eat and all the prep cleaned up before 1pm
935. Sitting down to enjoy dinner together
936. Communion "For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes. " 1 Corinthians 11:26 937. How good Ave is with her "please" and "thank yous"
938. New books for Avelyn
939. I've been looking at something for weeks and didn't realize until just now it is a gift
940. Getting Matt's matching tie, for Easter, done
941. Sitting on the couch next to Matt, watching a movie, and doing handwork (sewing)
942. Avelyn is surrounded by 6 aunts and uncles who love her, and more than double that in great aunts and uncles
943. Fun packages in the mail
945. Trying new foods and finding I like them
946. How well Ave plays with other kids
947. Having a new recipe come out all right
948. That it was snowing, because at least it didn't stick :-P
949. Bible readings with Ave
950. That our dogs didn't get sick from the chocolate chips Ave fed them while I was cooking dinner

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