Monday, October 26

Update on me: She'll be here next Tuesday at the latest.

Had my last OB appt this morning. I'm a solid 3cm and am very soft and stretchy. Doctor said she could induce me 10/28 if I wanted, but I'd rather not be induced.

I go on Friday for an NST and pending those results they'll check my amniotic fluids...and if I need to have this baby NOW after that appt, they'll induce me Fri/Sat.

Otherwise, we're waiting until 11/3 and will induce me then. I'm just praying she shows up before this Friday. I'd really rather not be induced....I'm more afraid of that than actual labor. Something about the pitocin makes me really nervous, especially consider it immediately ups the chance of a c-section (which I REALLY don't want!).


GeekByMarriage said...

Walk, sex, walk, sex, walk, sex. I do not advise having sex while walking, however.

Amanda said...

If everything looks good why are they wanting to induce at all (not trying to be judgemental, I just don't understand)? I'm just asking because you will still have several more days until 42 weeks arrive.

Hopefully it won't matter and she will come on her own time before then.

If the walking and sex don't do the trick like the PP suggested, I've heard castor oil works great.

Melissa G said...

Thinking of you.

I hope she comes soon!

Jendeis said...

I heard spicy food is supposed to work too.

Hoping that whatever happens, you are at peace.

Queenie. . . said...

Ooh, not castor oil! That's an old wives tale, and it can actually be dangerous.

3 cm is good. You're getting there! I'll bet no induction will be necessary. Lots of luck for a smooth, section-free delivery!

Amanda said...

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth mentions the caster oil.

Carrie said...

Yeah - walk and sex. Sperm coat your cervix in prostaglandins which can help induce labor. Plus all the, um, bouncing around can't hurt :)

I nixed the castor oil idea for myself because it is stimulant laxative. It causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal cramping, which is what can help start labor. No need to go into labor exhausted and dehydrated though. Or to have explosive diarrhea in labor/delivery - how embarrassing!

"If you take castor oil, expect to develop severe diarrhea and cramps when it kicks in. Uterine contractions often follow, and occasionally develop into labor. Hopefully the last of the castor oil will be expelled before the time comes to push out the baby, and the diarrhea won't have made you too sore for comfortable pushing. Bedtime is a common time when people take this, but then you might end up in the bathroom all night, and be tired if labor starts in the daytime. One person I know suggests setting your alarm for 4 in the morning, taking the dose, and then going back to sleep until the cramps start."

Photogrl said...

I totally understand your nervousness about being induced. When i was pregnant with Miss O., I felt the same way. Luckily, the day before I was to go to the OB to talk induction, I went into labor. She was exactly 7 days late.

With you at 3cm already, I'd bet she'll be here by the end of the week!

Delenn said...

Thinking of you and hoping she comes soon before they have to induce.

I was induced and had an emergency C section with my first. I would say the pitocin is the worst part of that. I had scheduled C for Willow, and that was wonderful. So, C-Sections in of themselves are not bad...just to trying to say that it won't be awful if they have to do that.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it is scary and awful and wonderful all at the same time and any way that it happens is going to be that way. The important thing--she is COMING SOON! :-)

Debbie said...

Well, I am an "old wife" so, I do have to agree with the castor oil comment... I did it (30 years ago), it's gross and nothing happened.
but all the other advice is good. LOL.
I'm very excited for you.

The Wife said...

I hope she comes soon! I know I'm ready to meet her. Oooh, the word verfication is dialiat - looks a lot like dialate!!!

VikingLady said...

All the best of luck. She will be here before you know it ;o)
I do not advice the castor oil-because I tried that 21 years ago, and got extremely ill. Gave birth in a hurry, but before that, I got diarrhea, migraine, and was paralyzed in half my body. I also developed a heart murmur. It all went away, but still..Not a good thing!
I had asked my doctor if it was ok to do this, because I was 4 days away from my due date, and he said it was ok, but for some reason my body was not ok with this "treatment"!
However, I have noticed on another birth, that cleaning the kitchen cabinets starts labor just as easy!
I hope it all happens to you soon.

Rachel said...

Hey! I hope so bad you don't have to be induced since you don't want to, but if you do I had a WONDERFUL induction! Contractions were so manageable and I loved the whole experience!

Rotten said...

Come on Cervix... get to dilating!!! There are other options before the dreaded Pitocin so if you do have to be induced, hopefully they will start there and not go straight for the big guns. And by other options I am talking about the cervical gel that I got. You can only use it if you are dilated (which, yay, you are) and it helps thin out your cervix to help the natural dilation along. It is much nicer than the wham bam thank you maam that the Pitocin gives you. I am sure you know all of this, but just throwing it out there in case you hadn't.