Friday, November 6

Tales from the L&D room...

So there were some "funny" things I forgot to mention about my L&D. Here they are:

*In the middle of getting ready to push they brought in a mirror so I could see...the first thing I noticed and commented on was the bruise on the back of my leg (I had walked into the coffee table).

*I didn't swear the entire time I was in labor...I said "hell" in "I want to push like HELL!" (Meaning: get that gosh darn doctor in here now! They still hadn't arrived and I was basically told I couldn't push until they arrived).

*During my last two contractions I was quoting bible verses to get through the of my favorite verses Phil 4:13 "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me!"

* At one point I was begging God to get her out of me...that was just before the bible quoting.

*The most painful part of my delivery was the doctor running her finger along the edge of my hoohaa to help stretch me so that she could be born.

*If the placenta had come out how it should have (through regular contractions) I never would have experienced the MOST painful part...the doctor physically peeling it from my insides, but I did avoid ending up in the OR (which was where I was going if they couldn't get it out).

*Placentas are pretty cool looking things: The dr showed us what mine looked like and explained all the pieces we were was pretty awesome (and looked a lot like a 3lb london broil).

*Everyone was in the room with us the entire time (MIL, SIL, my parents and my sister)...the only time they left the room was for the 30 minutes of pushing...then they were back in. I honestly can say I didn't even pay attention to them. I was just focused on breathing.

*I have a hard time remembering too much from L&D, I was so focused internally on the contractions and breathing through them...that I honestly felt like I was in a dream world and half-asleep the whole time.

*Matt has dubbed me "The Baby Making Queen": He has informed that since he isn't "built" for making babies, it's ironic that I am so "perfectly" built for carrying and birthing them with such "ease" and we should have lots of babies. Of course, I'm a bit nervous....I think I got off pretty easy this time and don't want to tempt fate the next time around.

*I'm still kind of in awe that I manage to have gotten through labor with no meds (not even a tylenol!) and that the most intense part of my labor (REAL labor) only lasted a couple of hours...I am so, SO grateful for that. I never even had time to really think about the whole thing.

*After delivery and them sewing me up I just kept looking from A to Matt and saying: We have a baby....We have a baby...4 years ago we decided to have a baby...and we have a baby (while sobbing).
I think that's all the random thoughts that have been floating through my brain the past few days :-)

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sadie607 said...

The last one was my favorite. You finally have your baby. I'm also so happy that you had such a wonderful pregnancy and labor and delivery.