Friday, October 30

3 hours of contrax this morning, now nothing...

I woke up at 2 with really strong contrax (like they hurt a bit), they were 15 minutes apart, then 7 minutes. I didn't wake Matt up, because he had to be up anyways at 4 to go to work (of course he's in northern PA today, 2 hours away from the hospital)... after he left I went back to bed and drifted off around 5, and slept until 8:30. Absolutely nothing from 5-8...I'm glad I didn't get all excited and say "let's go to the hospital!"

I have my NST in 2 hours and I'll mention it to the dr then. My dr. is great and she won't induce unless I say so...she'd probably let me go until November 9 (which would be 2 weeks past due) as long as baby is ok and I'm ok. I'm sure they're going to measure contractions today and maybe I am having good, regular contrax, but I just don't notice them very much.

If the NST and amniotic levels don't look good today, they'll induce today or tomorrow, if it looks fine and we want to go ahead, we would induce next mid-week or just wait. At this point, if they ask me today "Do you want to have this baby today?" I'm asking what their method of induction will be, and may consider telling them yes.

I have to think my cervix is a good 4 (possibly 5) cms (it was a good 3cm on Monday). I honestly don't know what to do: Part of me is of the school "if she's not ready yet, she's not ready. No need to force it" and part of me is like I really want her to be born, just because I want her here with us.

Just last night I was asking Matt if he was ok with waiting until next Thursday to induce her and he was, now I'm half hoping they say all is good, but do you want her to be born today? I don't know. If I just knew a date I'd be ok with waiting. I've never been a patient individual.

(disclaimer: I don't think the contrax had anything to do with the little bit of castor oil and OJ I drank at 3:30 yesterday afternoon. It had very little effect on anything.)


annacyclopedia said...

Sounds like a good sign, Jess! I'm hoping things get started soon for real so you can meet your girl.

Jendeis said...

It sounds like things are progressing just as they should! Take good care of yourself.

JustaKidAtHeart said...

Ohhhhh Good luck. At my hospital if you were at a 4 they kept you til the baby was there. Good job baking there mommy you will get to meet your little one soon.