Sunday, October 18

39 weeks 1 day

How far along: 39 Weeks 1 day
Total weight gain/loss: I think it's around 11-13 lbs, I've been holding steady where I am.
Maternity clothes: 1 pair of pants and my tees: Everything else is regular clothes.
Stretch marks: There is one that is now even with my belly button: EEK!
Sleep: Waking up about every 2 hours to pee, getting out of the bed is way too much work.
Best moment this week: Finishing more in the nursery.
Movement: Still squirming about.
Food cravings: Ice cold water
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: I do have some tightening in my belly, slight cramping, low back pain on occasion....but who knows. I know I was 2cms and 50% effaced on Thursday.
Belly button in or out: It's out by the evening...or at least partially out.
What I miss: People not being interested in the current status of my uterus and cervix.
I am looking forward to: 2 days of work left.
Weekly wisdom: We really have no idea what we're doing lol
Milestones: I made it through the big sale at the store yesterday without going in to labor (that was everyone's fear). No I didn't work....I was home doing stuff (cleaning).


Queenie. . . said...

The line about people not being interested in the status of your cervix completely cracked me up! Good luck, in case you deliver before you post really could happen any time now! I can't wait to hear about your daughter's arrival.

sadie607 said...

Yay! Happy 39 weeks. I'm getting so excited for you.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Wow, any day now!!

Delenn said...

Glad to hear everything still going well! Soon soon!!

Photogrl said...

SO close!

Can't wait to hear that she has arrived!

annacyclopedia said...

So great everything is going so well. And I totally hear you about people being interested in the state of your ute - hilarious yet completely annoying!

Melissa G said...

Woo hoo for 39 weeks!

Can't wait to hear the good news!