Tuesday, October 20

No news on me: Still holding steady...

I was 2cm and 50% last Thursday, I was the same at yesterday's appt...so nothing new to report in the l&d department. I could go anytime or it could be a week or 2 still. Dr G did say that she (the baby) seems quite happy in there.

Of course, I just keep thinking there are 11 days until Halloween (I really want her born before then....I don't want her to have a Halloween birthday and I don't really like November [too blah out]). For myself, I don't mind how much longer she stays in there, except for the Halloween/November thing.

Today is my last day of work though :-) WOOHOO


Melissa G said...

Thanks for the update!

Thinking of you!!!

Jendeis said...

Yay! Last day of work!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer in MN: I'm kinda partial to November birthdays myself, seeing as mine is on the 4th. Go Election day birthdays! :-) According to my mom I was due on Halloween but managed to be late. I actually like my November birthday much better than i think I would have liked an actual Halloween birthday. And I love topaz, the birthstone for November. :-). Good luck, wishing you the best!