Tuesday, February 7

Our Home

We closed on our house on September 14, 2005, a month and a half before we were married. It was a rather stressful search to find a house. Most of what we could afford was in shambles and what we liked was ridiculously over-priced (have to remember this was in the midst of the high cost housing market).

We had found a house on a quiet little street in our town and made an offer on it; we were within $1000 of agreeing on the price. We didn't want to budge and neither did the owners. A friend called us, hours before we were about to conceded to the price difference, to tell us of another house in town that was for sale. We decided to go take a look at it: Either it would be something we were interested in or would confirm our decision about the first house.
We visited the second house and loved it! Much larger than the first, both in the square footage as well as the property. It had it's flaws but it was what we wanted. We canceled our bid on the previous house and within 2 hours we had agreed on the house and signed the preliminary paperwork to buy.

Looking back what a God-send this house was. We would never have even heard about it if it hadn't been for friends driving past it. In 2006 there was a major flood in our town, the house that we had first looked at had a car smash through it's living room wall: Our home never even had water in the basement. We have been beyond incredibly blessed with this house.

Now, don't think that means that the house is perfect and isn't falling apart or doesn't need work. It does...desperately! The roof needs to be replaced, the foundation is crumbling under the {poorly constructed} addition, the heating system is 40 years old, and the floors are completely un-level. But it's our's, it's home!

Here it is:

3 bedroom, 1.5 bath Victorian-ish home, built in the mid-1910s to early 1920s (not really sure). The house sits on approximately .20 acres (that's what it's appraised at, but I think it's more like a 1/4-1/3 acre)...I think the house is about 1300sq ft, not including the basement (which isn't finished) or the attic (if I counted both of those things in that number it would be closer to 1700sq ft, but both are unlivable and are basically just storage), and no garage.

The Outside
Living Room
Kitchen and Breakfast Nook
Dining room
Laundry Room
Stairs/Hallway and Upstairs Half Bath

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Amanda said...

I always think your house looks cute! It's probably very similar to my in-laws in age, size and condition, but you decorate and make it look cute and don't leave piles of rusting crap outside that would make a trailer park look upscale comparatively. Taking pride in your home, no matter it's age or condition, is a virtue.