Sunday, February 28

Our Home ~ Bathroom

We live in a town of about 5,000 least half of those people have heard about our bathroom and half of those who have heard, have showered in our shower. (Supposedly, our house was quite the party place before we bought it). The room is 10 x 11.5' with a clawfoot tub...the previous owner concocted a multi-head shower system with about 8 was labeled by our previous pastor's wife as "kinky".

We've planned on renovating the room since the very beginning, but with Matt hurting his back and infertility it was always on the back is now happening! We originally planned to replace the claw foot tub (which is too small) with a 2 person jacuzzi tub, and to install a 2 person (double head) shower in the opposite corner (where the caddy is next to the sink) in addition to replacing the sink, mirror, and toilet. The claw foot is staying, but the rest is going ahead as planned.

I had posted a while ago about some of the interesting quirks of our bathroom...if you'd like to read them they are here.

The Renos

If you go HERE you can see the list of everything that we did in our bathroom.

The Outside
Living Room
Kitchen and Breakfast Nook
Dining room
Laundry Room
Stairs/Hallway and Upstairs Half Bath

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