Tuesday, February 10

"Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man." ~Rabindranath Tagore

There's currently a law/policy, from the UN, that is going through our government systems: It's called the Convention on the Rights of Children.

While it does do some very good things, there are some really big concerns and issues that are associated with this. Children need protection, however, this document states that children are outside of the jurisdiction of their parents, and that parents have no rights over their children, that any decision about the welfare of your child(ren) rests in the hands of the UN and International Law.

You intend on raising your child a Christian, Jew, Muslim, or atheist, as well as whatever cultural traditions or beliefs: If your child (regardless of their age) tells you they don't want to....they don't have to. They can get a lawyer and sue their parents. (That's a very simplistic breakdown of the policy). Every decision you make in regards to your child(ren) can be called into question in a court of law, if your child disagrees with it.

I'm not an expert on this convention. There is a website called ParentalRights, which has a lot of information about this and what it's implications are for us, as Americans. One of the big things, outside of the actual policy, is that this international law would trump US law, were we to ratify it.

While there are other treaties/policies which have already been ratified by the US government throughout the course of history, I believe (I'm not sure) that this is the first that would place the US legal system under control of the UN. Through that we lose our sovereignty and are then beholden to an international government (which is a very dangerous thing...basically boils down to the beginnings of a world dictatorship).

I, for one, already think that our government has too much control over our daily lives, ratifying a document such as this would not only give our government more control, but International Law as well. The idea that the government could tell me how I should raise my child and what is "right" by my child is very scary to me.

I still haven't managed to get the molding up in the nursery. I'm hoping tonight or tomorrow: We'll see. I probably could do it by myself, but I would rather Matt was there to help. I did find someone to send my quilt out to. One lady wanted $43+tax, the other wanted $26+tax: No brainer. The cheaper lady was the one who did Matt's quilt so I know I'll be happy with how it came out.

The adoption stuff is still in the forefront of my mind. Once we know the verdict of this cycle, we'll make our move. I'm thinking of different ways to raise money to help cover the costs. Everything from cookbooks to Pampered Chef parties (if they do that) to dinners at our church.

We've already decided that once we're well into the adoption process (at least homestudy) that we're going to decrease our tax withholdings for federal, to the minimum. We've looked into the $10,000 tax credit, and increasing our cash and owing taxes (the credit would negate any taxes we would owe), looks like the best way to take advantage of that. Of course we will talk to our tax-lady prior to doing that.

My sister is staying with us next week. My parents are going to visit my aunt and uncle for a few days, but Kate has her college classes and drama club, so she can't go. I guess I need to tidy up the spareroom this week. It's always so lonely after she's left though. We go from being "parents" and having "kids" to just us again.

6 days till beta.

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littlezen said...

The religion thing? My in-laws were so strict about it my husband never felt FREE to check what other religions are like. It made him step away from the church although now that we're adopting he is coming back. My point is that my restricting him it made him very resentful.

We just got our completed homestudy in the mail. I've been going to the mail box every day and bugging the social worker that did the study. It was all positive, but the doctor did mention my MS. The adoption consulting group said it was ok. It's in the homestudy so it won't be in our profile which expectant mothers will see and it will be up to us to share (sigh of relief).

How are we paying for it? We were planning on taking out a home equity loan, but my mom volunteered to let us use here inheritence money. We'll simply make payments like we would on a home equity loan, but it will be interest free (lol).