Monday, May 18

Topsail Island NC

I went for the first time in 1993, and have been back more than a half-dozen times {I honestly can’t remember how many times} over the past 22 years. I’ve never gone again and again to a vacation spot, but this place I have. There’s something so wonderful about the familiarity of a place. It’s always been my favorite beach spot..quiet, beautiful, and relaxing {other than that 14 hour drive to get there and home}.

The last time we were there I was 17 weeks pregnant with Ave, this time 35 weeks with #5. Of course, being 35 weeks I was rather limited in how much ocean-time I could enjoy {being beaten around by waves, just doesn’t have the same appeal} and with 4 kids the relaxation was a bit limited to, but it was fun!

The kids were entirely different about the ocean from last year. Henry absolutely LOVED the beach {he barely tolerated the sand last year}, James, was ehh about it, Ellie could’ve cared less and claimed she was scared of the ocean, Ave was in her glory! We were a bit concerned that Ana was going to put a damper on our fun, but other than Sunday, the rest of the week was decent.

Saturday we drove the 650+ miles, stopping for breakfast along the way.IMG_0188IMG_0202IMG_0207IMG_0222

Sunday we celebrated all of the April and May Birthdays….My dad had just turned 60, my mom had turned 55, and my brother turned 30!IMG_0246IMG_0296

With the storm passing through I ended up going to the store and buying some legos for the kids, so they had something to do inside.

IMG_0301IMG_0306IMG_0311IMG_0331The sleeping arrangements worked out ok. We had a pyramid bunk, so we alternated who was on the top and the other 3 were sideways in the double below.IMG_0345
One morning. The sunrises weren’t great, because of the weather, but they were still beautiful!IMG_0352IMG_0554My mom and my nephew.

DSC_0159IMG_0566My brother and his big catch.IMG_0583Matt and I got to go on one walk sans kids…IMG_0586IMG_0590IMG_0600

We had to have our traditional southern fish fry at least one night. My aunt came over {she lives nearby} and fried up a wonderful meal! IMG_0629IMG_0654

My aunt managed to get a halfway decent picture of this motley crew…the kids barely tolerate pictures anymore.


The one morning we headed over to a nearby park..they loved it! All 4 of them managed to climb the rock wall…I was impressed.


We thoroughly enjoyed our last few days and made every effort to spend as much time on the beach.IMG_0774IMG_0762IMG_0780IMG_0799IMG_0820IMG_0806IMG_0825IMG_0852IMG_0855IMG_0859IMG_0878The kids were up bright and early on Saturday ready to go home. Two of them were asking to go home to their own beds by Wednesday {they take after their mama}.

All in all it was a great trip! We’re hoping to make a beach trip a family vacation, at least every few years.

If you want to see ALL of the pictures from our trip, check them out here.

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