Saturday, May 16

36 Weeks

I had every intention of writing a 34 week and then a 35 week post, but they never happened. It’s been crazy around here between a week at the beach, getting things prepped and done around the house for the baby and just life in general. Of course I’ve had streams of words running around in my head constantly, but both the time and the energy to sit at a computer and put them out there has alluded me.

I am going to share some pictures though, because to me the craziest thing is that I’ve made it TWO WEEKS past the triplets gestation! I’ve made it home from vacation without an emergency hospital delivery 5 states away! Thank you LORD! Now, I can really settle in and enjoy the last few weeks of possible my last pregnancy.

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve stressed and been so anxious this pregnancy…that I’d go early or not make it home from vacation. I actually had a hysterical moment last Thursday, that my mom, my sister, and Matt were witness too. I started laughing about something and couldn’t stop, then the tears started and I was hysterical laughing and sobbing and just a complete wreck that they were all just looking at, because it was pretty funny. It felt so good to get that out, to just laugh and cry and feel the stress of the past 9+ months {going through treatment again was stressful too} just melt away.

34 weeks/35 weeks

34 35 weeks sidebyside

And these are terrible horrible pictures; with the triplets it was the middle of the night, I was kind of freaked out that my water had broken, and I was so not ready for what lay ahead {thus the deer in the headlights glare}…the other picture I got one of the kids to take. This poor child certainly isn’t going to have the wonderful photos that the others had.

36 weeks

36 Weeks

I’m definitely carrying this kid completely different than I did Ave. I’m very high up, with very little below…probably the reason why I’ve been able to get away with wearing my regular shorts and capris {I just wear them a bit lower}. If you are on Instagram, you did get to see me in my bathing suit at the beach. I was so thankful that the suit I bought 6 years ago, was still wearable {I was worried the elastic had dried out}.

With 4 weeks left we decided that we needed to get serious about projects and narrowing down names. Yesterday we narrowed down both lists, and then asked the kids their opinions…it was pretty funny, but at least we don’t have a huge list anymore.

As for me, I’m hanging in there. My hips are bothering me by the end of the day and during the night. I stole one of Ave’s pillows last night and had that between my knees and that helped immensely, I woke up this morning and was able to actually stand up straight when I got out of bed.

This being pregnant in warmer temperatures is definitely different. I don’t feel badly, but my hands and feet never like the heat to begin with, so I’ve had a bit of swelling in my feet, nothing out of the ordinary, just the usual it’s-hot-and-my-hands-and-feet-don’t-like-it.

We have another visit with my midwife this week, and then starts the wait and see. I’m so ready to meet this little one, but at the same time, so not ready to have another kid, especially a baby, or for this pregnancy to be over. I still want to get a video of my stomach moving.

The Fun Part

Since there are only a few weeks left what are your guesses on Gender and Birthdate? Leave’em in the comments!

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