Tuesday, September 24

Ever Heard of 31 Days?

If you get my newsletter, you got the scoop last week: Starting next Tuesday, one week from today, I will be linking up with TheNester for #31Days. What is 31 Days? Good question! 31 Days is the commitment, challenge, what have you to write on a topic for the 31 days of October. Here are some great posts that explain it more:

31 Days WidgetNow that you’re caught up to speed, I’m sure you’re thinking “What they heck is she going to write about for 31 days?” That’s a lot of posts, and am I going to want to read them all.

It is a lot of posts, but I’ve decided for my sanity to only writeon weekdays, giving you {and me} a break from posts on the weekend. Weekends are good, I like weekends.

What I will be writing about is something that’s been percolating in my mind for a while: How to Use Your Martha to Be a Mary! Before you going thinking that it’s going to be a month of my posting about my Mary & Martha business, I won’t {there maybe a few here and there, but only as they’re relevant}. This series is going to be specifically about how to refocus your busy work, all of it, to think of it as a way to bless those around you, from yourself to the world around you.

Now you know what’s coming up! If this is a series that excites you be sure to use one of the subscription methods to get those posts in your inbox, that way you don’t have to think every day about whether or not you checked out the blog.

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