Sunday, September 22

21 Months

Henry Henry
*Has 16 teeth now
*Isn’t signing too much anymore, since he’s speaking a lot more. No sentences yet, but lots of words.
*Loves saying, “Mommy, Mommy! Mommy! Hi.”
*Weighing 35lbs {I think}
*Wearing 3T and size 8 shoes
*Has the most nibblest ears EVER!
*Very sensitive: He was walking around with a dolly the other day, hugging it and patting it’s back say “Ahhh, ahhh”.
*Lights up a room with his laugh, or ends the party with his cry.
*Loves sitting quietly and reading.
*Has his own little waddle, that’s just too awesome to watch!
*Has some wicked dance moves!

*Has 12 teeth now, with 2 more on the way
*Still not speaking too much. I ask him to say “Mommy”, but he won’t. I’m not worried though, I figure his brain is going faster than his mouth. Good thing it’s not the other way around, like his Mama.
*Weighing around 34lbs
*Solidly in 3T and size 9 shoes…I honestly think he and Ave wear the same size shoe {she wears a 10}
*Still my sweet cuddle boy.
*Still climbing like a monkey. He gave himself a noise bleed from falling, but it didn’t phase him.

*Has 13 teeth with 2 more on the way
*Doing lots of signing, loves signing
*Weighing 26lbs
*FINALLY in 24 Months…and some 2T. The 2T are rather huge, but that’s what we have from Ave’s clothes…seasonally they’re not matching up, so Elle’s clothes are a bit too big and too small.
*She knows what she wants, and don’t try to tell her otherwise. I can tell you this one is going to give us a run for our money.
*Loves music and shaking her groove thing.
*She won’t be left behind by her brothers, in anything.
*Her hair is always in her face, thus the constant whale spout.


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