Monday, October 22

10 Months Old

There are no more babies in this house: To me, 10 months is the marker of toddlerhood. I can’t even believe that they’re so close to 1. So much of this year has been a blur…the days dragged, the nights even more, but the weeks and months flew.


Henry 10 months

*Weighing in at a touch under 25 lbs and just under 30” tall
*He’s finally figured out how to go forward
*His top two teeth are going to be coming through any day now
*Loving his solids and managing a sippy cup sometimes
*He’s been sleeping better at night, we’re usually up once
*I think he’ll be the first to talk
*Just got his first REAL haircut, meaning more than just trimming around his ears.
*I could just nom on this kids cheeks 24/7
*He gives the biggest laughs, just tickle him under his chin




James 10 months

*Weighing in at just over 23lbs and over 30” tall
*He’s now climbing the stairs, pulling himself up on everything, and sometimes will let go and stand on his own: This boy is absolutely Trouble {with a capital T}
*Still loving his foods and is doing pretty good with feeding himself, by hand, when we let him make the mess
*Top teeth are there, but not coming through
*Started clapping hands
*Loves nothing better than to pull up on you and stand with his arms around your neck




Elanor 10 months*Weighing 18lbs on the nose, and measuring 28 3/4” tall (she’s still fitting in her infant car seat)
*She’s figured out how to go forward
*Doing a great job of sitting up on her own
*Still has no interest in food. If can get her take a few spoonfuls it’s a big deal
*Up once at night
*Got her first "haircut” (just a trim to even things up a bit)
*Claps her hands (she did it first)
*Will do a little shimmy, if you tell her to shake her groove thing



10 month collage
They’re all doing really great. James is certainly the most advanced of the three of them. We’re still trying to do a nap upstairs, some days there is only one and some days there are two. It’s really a crapshoot as to how much sleep they need.

We’ve been forced to stop doing bottle feedings in the swing and bouncer for the boys, since they’re way too big to fit. So we were able to take one of the swings out of here, giving us a bit more room. Pretty soon all the baby things will be gone and we’ll have all the big kid toys again. I’m already missing baby-hood :-(

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