Wednesday, October 19

Food Police

It's not easy having a bunch of health-nuts in your family. My mom's older brother (who doesn't have kids) is into a totally gluten-free, soy-free, everything-free, vitamin popping, supplement swallowing life style (it's even what he does for a living). My mom isn't far from that, particularly since all the health issues my dad and sister have had in the past year. They too live gluten-free, sugar-free (using only a smidge of natural sweeteners..honey, raw sugar), and now soy-free (since my sister has a soy allergy).

Needless to say I'm tired of it, only because everyone is constantly on my case about what I'm eating, if I'm taking my vitamins, if I'm eating enough, and right on down to the babies and what they'll eat after they are born.

My uncle is emailing my mom saying that I should've been done with the vitamins we bought from him by now, am I even taking them. If I'm not going to breast feed AND have a c-section I need to be taking probiotics (I take mega-acidophilus to ward off yeas.t infections). That soy-formula is terrible because it can cause immune and allergy issues later in life.

I take 1 packet of his vitamins a day, at night, because they make me sick (you're supposed take them 2 [in his opinion 3 or 4] times a day). My stomach has always been sensitive to vitamins and his are so potent they're even worse. I do take my other PNV in addition to his. As for breastfeeding....I'm going to do my best, just like I did with Ave. We didn't use a soy-formula with Ave (we used Earth's Best Organic): HOWEVER, try finding any formula regardless of how cheap/expensive/medical/hypo-allergenic etc that does not have some amount of soy in it.

I'm just really feeling very attacked by everyone. I know they mean well and are only concerned for my well being and the babies, but I've about had it. They've instituted a policy at the store that if I come in, someone is going to ask me when I last ate, and what I want to eat, then make it for me. Great!

I do eat! I know it isn't as much as I should, but I do and I eat healthy. My mom particularly is freaking out because I haven't gained any weight, and I only have 11 weeks left, at that, of being pregnant. I've been overweight since puberty. I should weigh about 130-140 lbs (on the high end) just before I got pregnant I was 194...that's 50-60lbs overweight. Yes, I'm looking skinnier (my arms, face, legs, etc) BUT that extra weight has now been replaced by babies. The doctors aren't concerned. If you adjusted what my current weight is minus a healthy weight (190 minus a healthy 150lbs) I've gained 40 lbs so far, which is good. No one, but the doctor, is looking at it that way.

It just makes me want to be around family less and less (between food and work). I'm just getting really frustrated and I think my tolerance levels are dwindling as my comfort level decreases too.


Amanda said...

To be completely honest, I think it's kinda weird that you haven't gain any weight. BUT, I'm not you dr, and if your dr isn't worried then no one else should be... not that it's really any of their business anyhow. I imagine it's hard trying to stuff food down your throat constantly with 3 babies pushing up against your insides.

Have you made any higher calories switches to help boost your calories? Whole milk, Butter on vegetables, Dense snack foods like lara bars, Pasta with cream sauces instead of marinara? Greek yogurt (I saw a recipe on how to make your own here (, smoothies? If your dr asks you to eat more that might help to keep your weight up. You could also ask to see a nutritionist and tell your family that your diet is approved by a nutritionist (just be very careful with your insurance if you do this, I went through hell getting this covered for myself).

~Jess said...

I'm eating full-fat everything, protein shakes with ice cream and fruit, lots of butter and peanut butter.

I have another appt on monday and going to ask specifically then about lack of weight gain.

sadie607 said...

I say ignore the "food police" in your family. They are not your doctors.

Food was a huge obstacle for me when I was pregnant with Eli and Emerson. I had to force myself to eat because I was never hungry. Talk to your doctor and maybe a nutritionist. If they're not concerned then I wouldn't be either.

As for all the vitamins I would ask the doctor about those too. If they make you sick I wouldn't take those either aside from you Prenatal vitamins.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who was about the same level of overweight before pregnancy and she also lost most of her own weight and got it all distributed to the belly. Her face, arms, legs - everything was soooo much thinner!

And there was no problem whatsoever. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

She did gain all the weight back, though, after she stopped breastfeeding...

Photogrl said...

Just catching up, so this is going to be long....

I gained weight with the twins, but no where near the amount of weight I gained with Miss O. And I think I ate WAY more food with them, but you know, my body was creating 2 babies!

My feeling is that if your doctors aren't concerned, then no one else should be...

It only gets harder to eat, as you run out of room. Near the end, I tried to drink at least 1 protein shake a day, just for piece of mind, and too make M. happy! ;)

I'll be praying that you get some relief from the food police, and that something gives with Matt's hours and problems at work.

LOVE the belly pics, you're doing GREAT, Momma!

Photogrl said...

Peace! Peace of mind, not *piece*! LOL.

Anyways, I think you are doing what you need to do...don't let the finger pointers get you down!

casprincipessa said...

I do agree with you about the lack of weight gain. It is understood that if you are overweight pre-pregnancy, you don't need to gain as much weight. However, I do agree with the family about soy. I am a health nut as well and basically poor nutrition is 100% the reason why our countrty relies so heavily on pharmaceuticals. Soy is the most genetically modified food and it bothers me how our society has made people think it's actually good for you. Soy products raise estrogen levels which can be dangerous, causing the big C word!