Tuesday, January 18

2010's To Do List - Accomplishments

I'm just getting around to this.....please cut me some slack :-)

This is the last of things I had hoped to get done last year in this post. Let's see what I actually got done.

*Renovate our bathroom - We're almost there....the big stuff is done. We still have to refinish the tub, install the wood surround for it (which may or may not happen anytime soon), and build a towel shelf, as well as hang up some art.

*Fence in the backyard - yea, we're trying again. Hopefully the 6th year is the charm :-\

*Start and finish no less than 4 LARGE quilts: I got 2 quilts done in 2010: My mom's birthday quilt and one baby quilt. My mom told me to cut myself some slack since I had a baby, who wasn't exactly conducive to quilting.

*Learn how to do counted cross stitch and/or embroidery
- Nope. I did start working on a small Mary Engelbreit ornament, but it got about 30 x's on it and that's all.

*End 2010 with the prospects of another little one in our impending future
- Not so good on this one.

*Quit my Job
- yep.

*Revamp our garden and make it smaller....a lot smaller -
Kind of happened...if only by default of our not doing much of anything out there.

- I almost met all of those goals...at least for the re-reads

*The continual self-improvement to dos of: Letting God and letting go, being a kinder person, dealing with my brother better, etc. -

*Maintain our strict budget and try to somehow save some money. -

I didn't do perfectly, but we did get some of the things done. On to 2011!

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