Friday, October 1

11 Months Old

11 Months: Oy! Less than 31 days until you're a ONE YEAR OLD! (Pardon me while I go cry for a few minutes). So many things have been going on and so many changes for you, our sweet Avelyn.

*You LOVE LOVE LOVE books: You'll pick one up and sit down with it and just look at each page. I'd love to know what you're thinking.
*You have 4 teeth officially, and 4 more coming in.
*You're 21lbs and 29.5" tall: Wearing all 18 month clothes.
*Your first broken bone has healed great and your back on the move...I must say your "crawl" was quite adorable though.
*You're walking...completely and totally walking. You still crawl, but walking is your mode of transport now. You'll walk all over by yourself (max of 10 steps), but when you have someone's finger look're running away!
*Blood curdling screams...oh how we love these! They actually make our ears hurt and are, of course, at the most inopportune times.
*You've been making monkey faces: You purse up your lips and make funny noses or breath like you're doing lamaze.
*You still love boys...or more exactly one boy in particular. You've always got a smile for Dan (works for us).
*This month will be your last "first holiday": Halloween! You just missed it by a few hours.
*Your hair when it's wet is halfway down your back.
*You've started air kisses and it's absolutely adorable...especially when you and daddy get into kissing matches.
*You love your daddy! He may not get home some nights until bed time, but if we're up and you hear the dogs bark, you immediately start looking in the hallway for him to pop up the stairs.

Ave we love you so very much...there aren't any words and there is no way to describe just are everything in our lives :-) We love you!

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