Thursday, October 7


Two years ago I did something on my blog: Fall Fridays...which was a collection of short stories that I wrote while I was younger, and actually took the time to write stories (click the pic to be taken to those posts).

This year I decided to do something again, but instead of stories it's going to be foods....foods that are easy, quick, delicious, and most of all wonderful during Autumn's cooler days (and nights).

So without further ado, I introduce to you

But, I'm doing it differently this time...I'm opening it up to all my readers to submit recipes! I'll be posting a few of my own too! If you've got a delicious Fall Dish email it to me :-) Get me your recipes by Thursday night and I'll be sure to include them in the FALL FOOD FRIDAYS post and link them back to your blog.

Happy Fall!!

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Amanda said...

I love fall food. Pumpkin everything! Yum!