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Sunday, August 16

Two Months Old

Last week Peter had his two month well baby visit and I was curious to see how much he’d gained…he didn’t disappoint!

*He weighed in at 12lbs
*Measured right around 23 3/4”  {so far he’s a touch bigger than Avie was at 2 months old}
*Holding his head up
*Giving lots of smiles
*Starting to chuckle when he’s smiling
*Sleeps INCREDIBLY well! He takes a bottle in the late evening, between 8 and 9, then passes out until 3 or 4 am. Either he’s a really good sleeper or I’m used to other kids that just don’t sleep {might be a bit of both}.
*People are always commenting on his hair…it’s crazy {he has way more than even Ave had at 2 months}.
*Fitting into 3 months clothing
*He loves sucking on his fist…I’m really hoping that we can avoid a pacifier.
*The kids are thoroughly enamored with him and are constantly in his face…he’s going to have to be the toughest one in the bunch!


Peter 2 Months Old

Sunday, July 19

One Year Later

A year ago this past weekend we moved back home, after being gone for almost 4 months, during renovations. I remember how good it was to be HOME, there truly is no place like it, but I hadn’t quite remembered everything, until my TimeHop showed up this morning with this POST…where I shared about my tears shed over a children’s book.

This past year has been busy…we accomplished a lot, but not nearly as much as I had hoped {there is this unfortunate reality of money, which becomes a particular nuisance when it involves MAJOR renovations….it doesn’t last as long or go as far as one thinks it should}.

What did we accomplish this year?

We finished our kitchen {for the most part—still some paint touch ups to do}

We finished our mudroom {for the most part—still have to nail the moldings in place}

We finished the girls’ room {but it’s different even now}

and we had a baby {that last one kind of prevented me from getting more stuff done around here and probably will continue to do so, but that’s ok…babies don’t keep!}

I’d love to say that this year we’ll get everything finished, but I know better. I do hope that we at least finish he myriad of little projects that are around here: Grass in the yard, the bathroom and the bedroom finished {they literally need paint touch ups and d├ęcor}, the decks painted {we’ve had the paint for a year} and a few other little things. It’d be really great if the basement was finished and the front porch done, but we’ll see.