Friday, July 11

It just gets away from me…

I feel that way about a lot lately: The days, the weeks, the month, the entire season of SUMMER! It’s been insane! Matt and I are in crunch time. The county-fair-craziness is literally 2.5 weeks away, we’re hoping to finish up the majority of inside projects so that we can be back in our home for my birthday {July 21}.

Matt and I have been putting in late nights working on the floor and painting, while spending the days with life as usual; meaning he’s working his crazy-long days, and I’m entertaining 4 kids and running the shuttle to swimming lessons. I’m not quite sure where the time has gone, but it’s gone all the same.

This weekend is Operation GET IT DONE so that we can put the house back together. There will still be a ton of things that need to get done: Molding, doors, painting, trim work, CLEANING {OH MY LORD THE CLEANING!}, tiling and a whole lot more, Oh, and the ENTIRE OUTSIDE! EEeek! I try not to think about it too much, because I start having cold sweats.

Not to mention there are still kids that need to be fed and watered! And Avelyn, Bless her Heart, decided yesterday was a good day to get hurt at the park. I figured it wasn’t much, took her home and let my mother in law assess the damage, and it was decided she needed x-rays on her foot.

AveWhile it’s not broken, she can’t walk on it, which means carrying her around and keeping her siblings AWAY! Next week she goes to the orthopedist to determine if there is further damage and whether it should be casted or not. I did just find out though, yesterday morning, that they do make waterproof casts now. She did get a bit of a thrill from the kid-size wheelchair.

I’ve been rather remiss in the blog documentation and pictures department. I’m not entirely sure why, but I do know it’s partially because things are starting to come together {and not in 5 weeks THANK YOU! HGTV!} and I want to do a big reveal. If you’re on Instagram that really is where I share a lot more of the secrets!

Last Sunday night we were at the house until almost 1am, getting all of the ikea cabinets in place, so that my FIL and our contractor could install them all before Tuesday when the countertop people were coming. It was all going great! Countertops would be here the end of next week. Then I decided to change the island. Now we’ll have 3 of our 4 countertop pieces next week, but not the island. I was losing sleep over what I was worried about, and it’s fixed and I think will be so much better, but will be a bit of a delay.

Here’s a bit of a tease of the kitchen. This is the top of my new stove and you can see the color we painted the walls.


I still have to paint the mudroom, the living room, the upstairs bathroom, and ALL OF THE TRIM. Lots of work there. And it all SHOULD be done by the end of the week. All that to say we really would appreciate your prayers in getting things pulled together and with Avelyn’s foot.

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