Sunday, June 22

The Triplets Turn 2 {and a half}

We’re closer to 3 than 2…I’m not sure where my babies have gone, but they’ve disappeared without a trace.


*Weighing in at 35.5lbs
*Standing tall at 37.25”
*Wearing a size 3-4 in clothes and an 8-9 in shoes
*Has been doing incredible with his speech therapy: Has about 50-60 words now and 20 or so 2-3 word phrases
*Loves being an absolute goof and cuddle bunny
*Loves Cars and Mater
*Loves dinosaurs and cars and planes and trains…and is such an absolute boy when it comes to anything with an engine
*Loves eggs, and usually has 2 or 3 at breakfast
*Will occasionally ask to go potty, and will sometimes go #1, we’ve had a couple #2s
*Still doesn’t sleep through the nights: We’re usually up filling water in the middle of the night, at least once.

Henry 2.5


*Weighing in at 37.4 lbs
*Standing tall at 40”
*Wearing a size 3-4 in clothes and an 9-10 in shoes
*Speech is doing well….has around 40 words, and about 10 2-3 word phrases
*Such a lovey boy…always loves holding my hand
*Still a gadget kid….likes nothing better than to sit and play with the iPad {which does not happen all that often}; but he always wants to figure out how things work
*Loves fruit
*No real interest going potty, other than playing around in the bathroom
*Loves picking up toys and cleaning {I’m not sure where this kid came from, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts}
*Started saying Mickey and Mommy about a month and a half ago, such sweet words to here….Mommy that is, not Mickey.

James 2.5


*Weighing in at 28 lbs
*Standing tall at 36”
*Wearing a size 24months in clothes {I am forcing some 2t/3t on her in seasonal clothes, because I’m not buying more} and an 6-7 in shoes
*Such a silly girl she is….anything for a laugh…and anything to keep up with her brothers.
*Seems to have become a very picky eater, having gone from being a meat-eater, to basically not eating unless it’s what she wants {pasta and bread…which she doesn’t get all that often}
*Will ask quite frequently to go potty, pretty much always goes #1, we’ve had the occasional #2, as well
*Loves to respond to requests with a very dramatic, “NEVER!”
*The quote “Though she be but little, she is fierce”, fits Elanor absolutely perfectly.
*Her smiles and giggles are absolutely infectious….especially when she starts being tickled.
*Loves being wrapped up in a blanket and snuggled like a baby.

Elanor 2.5

In the words of Matt, “They’re gettin’fiesty!”: We are firmly in the 2 year old camp. While it is absolutely trying, and some days down right infuriating, these three kids are an absolute blast and so much fun to be around {most of the time}. One minute I’m ready to pull my hair out because of the naughtiness and fights and squabbles and then the next minute you’re being triple cuddled, or catching two {or three, or four} of them loving on each other.


We’re also very much in the process of figuring these 3 out: We’re noticing more and more their little personality quirks, the things that make them who they are. They have some similarities, but they are so completely different at the same time. The boys have been doing incredibly well with their speech therapy, and the kids all absolutely love Miss M; they get quite excited when I tell them that Miss M is coming.

I am curious to see how they’re going to grow and change in the next 6 months leading up to 3, but I’m so missing their baby moments. I’m always more than willing when someone decides they need a little babying though.

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