Monday, March 17

Luck o’ the Irish

I’ve begun this post about 5 times and never get any closer to actually having something that I click publish on. It’s just been like that lately.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and other than the Soda Bread in the oven, you wouldn’t know it it in this house.  There isn't a stitch of green in sight on any of us. Yea, I know….shame on us lol I’m Irish, I certainly don’t need to prove that to any of the 5 other people who saw me today.

Things have been…well not hard, but I guess hard is how you would describe it. It certainly hasn’t been sunshine and rainbows.

For the past week, we’ve been inundated with negative. It’s as though Satan is working overtime on getting us to stumble!

Last Friday was hell.

Matt came home before heading out for the day, to tell me that his grandparents’ house had burned down, to the ground, nothing left standing. Fortunately no one was living there and no one was hurt. But the house was still filled with countless family heirlooms and pieces of furniture that no one had taken out yet.

Grams house.

Then Matt met with the local code enforcer to go over our building plans and submit our application; only to be told that he’s just not too sure that he feels comfortable with granting us a building permit without having certified, official and professional blue prints {to the tune of an additional $8000}.

He keeps having Matt do more and more to prove the safeness of the structure, then when he’s asked to make a decision, he says he has to think about it, again. This has been going on for 3 weeks now. We’re supposed to break ground in a little less than a month, and we still don’t have a permit. Just a bit frustrating.

In the evening I had a Mary & Martha Gathering…which was a good break for me, because I was just blah and wanted to sit somewhere and cry, but couldn’t get the tears out. The Gathering was fun, some high school friends. On the way home I was just thinking on all the good and praising God for his provisions, when a deer ran into the drivers’ side of my van. YES!

At that point, when I got home, Matt woke up {it was around 10:30pm} and the two of us just discussed all that had happened {because we hadn’t talked all day}, and by the end of it we were both laughing, because it was all just utterly and absolutely ridiculous that it was such a bad day.

The weekend was good though. We had a lot of down time to recover from Friday’s emotional exhaustion. I worked on the girls’ Easter dresses. Matt got some more stuff done with the house plans {and possibly found someone to draw up plans}. Life soldiers on.

And now…we’re onto St. Patrick’s Dinner #3. Yum! And here’s a little taste of Ireland for you…my favorite place…Kylemore Abbey.


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