Thursday, June 14

What Inspires Your Menus?

I’ve gotten bored with our monthly menus. I kind of do the same things over and over, because I don’t know what each day is going to bring. I don’t know if on any given day how kids are going to be, what the weather will be (I do not want the oven on if it’s 80* in my house), or whether I’ll even feel up to trying a new recipe.
This creates a problem.

Or does it?

What about using our menu schedule not so much as a hard-and-fast-schedule, but as a suggestion?
What about creating a list of meals that you would like to try, but don’t know if/when you’ll have the time/desire?

That’s what I started doing.

Now, instead of feeling like we cook the same things day-in and month-out I can feel like there’s a bit of freedom. Of course this is obvious, but it’s so easy to just make up a meal plan and end up glued to it for the month, because you don’t have the time, you haven’t thought ahead, you don’t have the ingredients and there is no way in this world are you taking 4 kids to the grocery store….alone.

Please, allow me to present….


Everyone loves pinterest (or at least almost everyone loves pinterest): Let it work for you! I’m always seeing these fantastic meals that look awesome and think “Oh, I want to try that!” I pin it. And never look at it again.

I figured, why don’t I create a board of meals that are realistic to make and something we might actually have for a regular dinner. Maybe you’ve already figured this one out, but I’m a bit slow sometimes.
Now, when I’m feeling a bit adventurous, I can glance in one place and see a bunch of different recipes that might want to try and most likely have the ingredients for.

Another tip?

Don’t rely just on pinterest for your ideas. Add the “pin it” button to your browser toolbar. When a friend posts a delicious recipe…pin it! When you get that email list that you signed up for for healthy dinner ideas, look through it quickly. If you find a recipe….pin it!

And if you’re not into pinterest or don’t want to step on someone’s toes by using it, create a bookmark file on your computer for Dinner Ideas. Isn’t that what we used to do before pinterest?

What ideas do you have to help keep your menu from becoming boring?

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