Tuesday, November 22

"Be not dismayed" ...Update

Last night we finally got a hold of Matt's mom: She's coming home on Thanksgiving afternoon, then leaving Friday morning...and now it doesn't look like Matt's grandmother will be home before next week.

I called SIL about dinner and the only thing I need to do is make a pumpkin pie....I can handle that! She took off Wednesday night, so she'll be around. Her and her boyfriend (both chefs by trade) are going to cook dinner.

MIL is so "out of her mind" that she really doesn't know what's going on: She's been up in Syracuse, trying to keep her dad and her mom (who's in the hospital) going, and isn't even thinking about anything else or the reality here. I really do feel badly for her, because she is stressed, whether she'll admit it to anyone or not. She is worried. I wish her sisters (she has 3, all in Florida) would come and at least help to give her a break. I wish I could do more to help, but I can't.

I can tell FIL is starting to get torqued out too without having MIL at home. She takes care of EVERYTHING at home, meals, cleaning etc. With BIL and PP coming he's having to step into those things and is getting grumpy (I got "yelled" at last night because I didn't answer my phone...we were in the yard playing).

In all honesty, I think MIL needs to come home for at least a few days, just to give herself and FIL a break.

We've had another employee put in their two week notice. The reason: They feel that they're the only one who does anything (I really love hiring 20 year olds...{note sarcasm}). They come in for a few hours a day to do dishes and cleaning equipment, at the end of the day, but I guess how they feel can't be helped. Everyone else is breaking their behinds working 12-14 hour days.

Of course this leads into something else to think about....my parents are seriously considering closing the store. Honestly, with everything going on in the next few months....I'm for it. My mom feels that we can't just up and close, I think if we aimed for mid-January we could. I don't know what's going to happen, but it's just getting ridiculous now and no one can work any harder than they already are.

My "surprise" shower is planned for this Saturday. Everyone is still pretending I don't know, even though my mom asked Matt if I knew and he told her. Heck, the only ones who haven't let something slip is my sister and our friend, R. I really wish they would just "out" the party, because with everything else going on it's just another stress factor. I know MIL is stressed about it (it's at her house) and Matt's grandmother is beyond upset about not being home for it, but we'll all keep pretending :-P

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Kateri said...

This sounds so stressful. I pray that you were able to have a peaceful Thanksgiving celebration.