Wednesday, November 30

30 Week OB Visit and Ultrasound and a NICU Tour

We were back in Albany yesterday. We had 8am appointments, which meant leaving home at 5:45am to get there in time and avoid traffic (Ave spent the night at my parents). Instead of a regular growth scan, this time they did a Bio Physical Profile, to check that the babies are practicing breathing, that they're moving and have lots of fluid and room still, and that all looked good: Everything did. Fun fact: Boy A and Little Girl, already have heads full of hair!

They did do a cervix check on me (which I was glad they did). It was down almost a cm from last time (from 3.3 to 2.3). The doctor wasn't too concerned, so I guess I shouldn't be, but I've pretty much decided to put myself on couch-rest (that's not working out too well so far).

I did ask the NP all of my L&D questions.
* I asked about general anesthesia if I was laboring and needed an emergency c-section; She said that if I was laboring to deliver va.ginally the doctor would insist on an epidural, so that I was at least numb and partially prepped for c-section, but no general anesthesia.
*I also asked her who the doctors were that would potentially let me deliver va.ginally and I've only met one of them, and he was the one who got mad at me because I wouldn't reduce the pregnancy.
*She felt comfortable with not seeing me for another 2 weeks, but then we'll be every week.

We also had our NICU consult and tour: Didn't really learn anything new about what would warrant the babies being in the NICU or what to expect depending on when they were born. The doctor was nice (he's a triplet dad himself), but a bit odd.

The tour was good: It was a lot less scary than I thought it would be. We did get to see some of the babies in the NICU, but the doctor couldn't tell us much about them (privacy laws). There was one baby, wrapped up and in an incubator with a quilt over it, that he showed us. I had a hard time finding the baby, that's how small it was. It couldn't have been longer than 12-13": Matt and I were both clutching each other's hand, I just wanted to cry for that poor little baby.

I was glad to get a tour though and to meet 1 of the head doctors and to see what all was going on there and how they operated.

All in all it was a good appointment, but I was warned that I should start bringing a packed bag with me (which I did) in case they admit me at some point and I end up staying for either delivery or a few weeks. I do not want to be in the hospital in December, so I'm trying to do everything I can to avoid that.


sadie607 said...

I'm glad everything is still going well. At this stage in your pregnancy it's normal for your cervix to start shortening but I think couch rest is a wise idea. Keep those babies cooking for as long as possible!!

Life Happens said...

Sounds like you are in good hands with your drs. I agree with the couch rest. It's better to do it on your own versus being ordered on bedrest.

Amanda said...

I guess you had better get your Christmas shopping done now just in case.

I know it's getting hard, but it's great that they feel confident giving you another 2 weeks until you're back. You are you are doing a great job carrying those babies.

Good luck with the couch rest. Sounds good to me!

Kateri said...

Sounds like all good news. Praying that everything will continue to go well for you and the babies.