Friday, July 1

20 Months

Sheesh...not even a teen-monther anymore :-(

*You now weight in at 28lbs and are getting so tall (most people figure you're 2 or 3)
*You've been sleeping and napping really well....which mommy is really appreciating
*You love your swimming lessons and being in the pool
*And if there isn't a pool any body of water will do
*You love playing in the mud....oh my goodness do you love it!
*It's so much fun to actually carry on a conversation with you now
*Your new obsession is Winnie the Pooh...which I can definitely handle
*Still not too interested in going on the big potty
*You have such big're now in a 6.5 or 7 depending on what kind of shoe
*You occasionally spout out a color correctly
*You love seeing all the cows and horses in the fields
*Running around outside is something you would be content to do ALL DAY LONG
*You've had your first ice cream this summer and you loved it....didn't know what to do with the cone though
*You seem to have forgotten how much you loved corn on the cob last year

Avelyn you are just such a joy to be always manage to make everyone smile. I love when you curl up in my lap and contentedly sit there...the cuddles are too few and far between. Your daddy and I love you so very, very much!

It took me until the 18th to get pictures of A and the incredible shrinking bunny...and even these aren't great.

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Photogrl said...

Cute pics! I can't believe she's already 20 months old!