Wednesday, June 1

19 Months

Oy vey! How is it already 19 months since you were born little girl?!

What a personality Ave has, it is just absolutely huge and such a joy to be around. A couple of weeks ago she figured out that if she has a boo-boo we'll kiss it. Now she pretends she has boo-boos, we kiss them, and she goes "All better!" She's one tough cookie though: The kid runs and face plants, gets up and keeps going....getting hurt does not phase her in the least.

*You now weigh 25lbs and are 34" tall
*You're wearing 2t or 3t clothes (depending on the brand)
*Your top canine teeth are all the way through (and boy are they sharp!).
*You love being "side" (outside) or playing in the water
*We had your first big-girl trip to the park and you had a blast going down the slide and climbing all over everything
*We just turned around your car seat this morning....boy do you have long legs girl! (not quite sure if I'm ok with having turned the seat may be going back to rear facing)
*You don't even look like a baby anymore, just a little kid
*You have the most adorable chubby knees
*Every morning you get up looking for Daddy
*Sometimes you sleep through the night, but then you inevitable want to be up at 6am since it's light out
*You're starting to pick up on colors
*The list of animals you can name and make the sounds of is getting longer
*You're getting more regular with saying sentences that are a few words long

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sadie607 said...

She's so darn cute! Eli and Emerson are in the kiss the boo boo stage too. Eli will often kiss his own boo-boo's as well. Kids are funny.