Tuesday, February 1

15 months

Another 1/4 of a year is behind us....2 is coming on way too fast! There have been quite a few new developments, particularly in the past week.....so here we go:

*We don't have our well-baby visit until the 15th, so we had to improvise and do our own weights and measures: A is currently at 23lbs and looking to be just under 32".

*18 month outfits (particularly one piece-ers) are just barely fitting.

*All 4 molars are now most of the way through...raising our teeth grand total to 12.

*Walking is our constant preferred mode of transportation...in addition to walking there is running...which sometimes ends up with a complete full body face plant.

*A now signs: Milk, more, all done, read, book

*A now says: Mama, Mommy, Dado, Daddy, Dada, dog, puppy, happy, please (for the first time yesterday), bottle, Bailey (Auntie Megger's dog), Sa and Thy (our dogs, Sage and Thyme), wat (for water), 'mana (banana) and a couple of other things I can't remember.

*A now makes the sounds for: Dog, cat, chicken, lion, lamb/sheep, monkey, cow, and ghost

*A also points to her hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth and (sometimes) tummy

*She blows lots of kisses and can click her tongue

*We're still not sleeping through the night and are usually up at least once, if not twice, but they're quick drinks and then back down....we typically go from 7:30pm until 7:45am (but with 2 wakeups).

*A can now climb up on the couch, ottoman, and arm chair without help (Lord help us!)

*A continue to try and climb up the dog crate to get on the kitchen counter (hasn't happened yet).

*A responded to her first phone call: I was on the phone with Matt and put her on and he said, "hello" and A said "Hi" (usually she just sits there in awe).

*We're down to only 1 nap a day...sometimes it's an hour, sometimes it's 3, but on average they're around 2 hours: I miss 2-2 hour naps.

*A still refuses to leave hair things in.

*A few times we found A sucking the same 2 fingers that I sucked when I was a kid...only (no idea how she came up with that or why (she still has a pacifier, but only in her crib or in the car).

I'm sure there is something else I should be mentioning, but I can't seem to remember. This kid is just growing up way too fast.

Out shoveling this morning before the big storm comes.

~*~*~Updated 2/15/11~*~*~

Went this morning for Ave's 15 month Well Baby check up. Everything looks good, but she still does have a slight heart murmur, which the doctor isn't too concerned about. I also had started to notice a soft bulge above her belly button (while standing) the past few months. My MIL looked at it (she's an RN) and said that it might be a slight umbilical hernia....it is. The doctor says we'll keep an eye on it but it should close up on its own by the time A is 4 year....if not, we'll deal with it then.


manymanymoons said...

It must seem like the time is flying by! What a cutie.

sadie607 said...

She is so adorable!

Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

She is just growing like a weed! Or as one of my nieces used to say "I'm not a weed, I'm a pretty flower!" So I guess I should say A is growing like a pretty flower. :)

Photogrl said...

Love the picture of her outside in the snow!

She's just beautiful!

Happy 15 months, A!

Valerie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I look forward to reading more on yours :)