Sunday, January 2

It's a new year: 2011

Don't you just love that creative title? Everyone has been having all of these wonderful Year in Review (2010) and Resolution (2011) posts. I've barely even given any thought to either...been a bit consumed the past two weeks with my trips to Alban.y and Christmas.

2010: I have no has truly been one of the awesomest years of my life. It had its trials (mostly financial...what with my not bringing home a paycheck), but God is good and continues to be good. There's only one word to define the awesome-ness of 2010....Avelyn. It's all because of her. She has been as much of a blessing as we expected a child to be, and even more than we could have ever imagined.

2011: I'm not making up too many plans or resolutions for this year until after my beta on the 14th....that will decided a lot of things for us. If it's negative we may think about starting the adoption stuff again....I'm just feeling really strongly about that lately. If it's positive then obviously that will be enough to plan for.

I wish you all much happiness in the new year, and much success in your resolutions!

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