Tuesday, August 10

We're going to the circus, we're going to the fair, to see a seniorita with flowers in her hair....

This past Sunday I worked for my in-laws at the other fair (the one we don't do). Matt was originally going to stay home with A, but he has too much to do to get ready for the fair we do do...so we called Grandma and asked if A could come to, if not I couldn't work. They agreed :-) Surprise, surprise!

So we got up at 5am...yes, 5am (Matt had been on duty that night because of my migraine) and loaded everything in the car (pack n play, stroller, diaper bags, food, high chair etc etc etc ad nauseum) and picked up SIL and G-MIL at 6:15. We arrived to work at 7:25.

When we got there I was pleasantly surprised to be told that I was running grill instead of working the counter...I don't like working the counter...in fact I really rather despise it. I was in charge of pancakes, french toast, and sausage gravy and biscuits :-)

In my dazed state of packing for A, I didn't take into consideration the early morning chill and hadn't packed socks or a jacket....low and behold...Grandma had bought Ave a sweater (adorable!) that she had planned to give her when we were at Hershey, and then went and bought her some adorable knit socks...called 2 pair and a spare.

In the afternoon Matt came up with the car his parents' needed to tear down and we walked around the fair grounds a bit...this was Ave's first actual fair. It's a really small fair and there's not much to see....we basically took her to look at the animals and listen to some music...then we headed home.

But of course, there are pictures :-)

Oh and I was having some fun with the video feature on my nikon


raisingmiles said...

Aww...the video is precious!

Queenie said...

She's beautiful!